#1017 - Terapagos

The Sublime Disk Pokémon
Height: 5.5 m
Weight: 974.2 kg
Catch Rate: 3
Leveling Rate: Slow
Egg Group: Undiscovered
Pokédex Color: Blue
EV Yield: 2 Defense, 1 Special Defense

>Unaltered Base Stats
HP: 50
Attack: 50
Defense: 200
Speed: 50
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 200
Total: 600

Reality Rend: The energy emitting from the Pokémon ignores the target Pokémon's stat changes and Tera Type.

>Hidden Ability

>Pokedex Entries
Scarlet: "It is said that this being came from a meteor that collided with Paldea over one million years ago."
Violet: "The brilliant energy that radiates from Terapagos is said to tear the fabric of reality around it."

  1. 2 weeks ago

    >Level Up Moves
    - | Tera Blast
    - | Protect
    - | Reflect Type
    - | Imprison
    6 | Twister
    12 | Confuse Ray
    18 | Life Dew
    24 | Ancient Power
    30 | Disable
    36 | Shelter
    42 | Power Gem
    48 | Tri-Attack
    54 | Power Shift
    60 | Magic Coat
    66 | Iridescent Wave
    72 | Safeguard
    78 | Earth Power
    84 | Recover
    90 | Aura Sphere
    96 | Hyper Beam

    >Technical Machine Moves
    TM001 | Take Down
    TM004 | Agility
    TM007 | Protect
    TM011 | Water Pulse
    TM013 | Acid Spray
    TM015 | Struggle Bug
    TM016 | Psybeam
    TM017 | Confuse Ray
    TM018 | Thief
    TM019 | Disarming Voice
    TM020 | Trailblaze
    TM021 | Pounce
    TM022 | Chilling Water
    TM023 | Charge Beam
    TM024 | Fire Spin
    TM025 | Facade
    TM026 | Poison Tail
    TM028 | Bulldoze
    TM029 | Hex
    TM030 | Snarl
    TM031 | Metal Claw
    TM032 | Swift
    TM033 | Magical Leaf
    TM034 | Icy Wind
    TM035 | Mud Shot
    TM036 | Rock Tomb
    TM037 | Draining Kiss
    TM038 | Flame Charge
    TM040 | Air Cutter
    TM041 | Stored Power
    TM042 | Night Shade
    TM043 | Fling
    TM044 | Dragon Tail
    TM045 | Venoshock
    TM046 | Avalanche
    TM047 | Endure
    TM048 | Volt Switch
    TM049 | Sunny Day
    TM050 | Rain Dance
    TM051 | Sandstorm
    TM052 | Snowscape
    TM054 | Psyshock
    TM055 | Dig
    TM059 | Zen Headbutt
    TM060 | U-Turn
    TM061 | Shadow Claw
    TM062 | Foul Play
    TM064 | Bulk Up
    TM065 | Air Slash
    TM066 | Body Slam

    • 2 weeks ago

      > Learns signature move at lv. 66
      > Ability Reality Rend
      DemiurgeSisters, we are eating good

  2. 2 weeks ago

    TM070 | Sleep Talk
    TM071 | Seed Bomb
    TM072 | Electro Ball
    TM074 | Reflect
    TM075 | Light Screen
    TM076 | Rock Blast
    TM077 | Waterfall
    TM078 | Dragon Claw
    TM079 | Dazzling Gleam
    TM080 | Metronome
    TM081 | Grass Knot
    TM082 | Thunder Wave
    TM083 | Poison Jab
    TM084 | Stomping Tantrum
    TM085 | Rest
    TM086 | Rock Slide
    TM087 | Taunt
    TM089 | Body Press
    TM090 | Spikes
    TM091 | Toxic Spikes
    TM092 | Imprison
    TM093 | Flash Cannon
    TM094 | Dark Pulse
    TM096 | Eerie Impulse
    TM098 | Skill Swap
    TM099 | Iron Head
    TM100 | Dragon Dance
    TM101 | Power Gem
    TM102 | Gunk Shot
    TM103 | Substitute
    TM104 | Iron Defense
    TM107 | Will-O-Wisp
    TM109 | Trick
    TM111 | Giga Drain
    TM112 | Aura Sphere
    TM113 | Tailwind
    TM114 | Shadow Ball
    TM115 | Dragon Pulse
    TM116 | Stealth Rock
    TM117 | Hyper Voice
    TM118 | Heat Wave
    TM119 | Energy Ball
    TM120 | Psychic
    TM121 | Heavy Slam
    TM122 | Encore
    TM123 | Surf
    TM124 | Ice Spinner
    TM125 | Flame Thrower
    TM126 | Thunderbolt
    TM127 | Play Rough
    TM128 | Amnesia
    TM129 | Calm Mind
    TM130 | Helping Hand
    TM131 | Pollen Puff
    TM132 | Baton Pass
    TM133 | Earth Power
    TM134 | Reversal
    TM135 | Ice Beam
    TM136 | Electric Terrain
    TM137 | Grassy Terrain
    TM138 | Psychic Terrain
    TM139 | Misty Terrain
    TM141 | Fire Blast
    TM142 | Hydro Pump
    TM143 | Blizzard
    TM147 | Wild Charge
    TM148 | Sludge Bomb
    TM149 | Earthquake
    TM150 | Stone Edge
    TM151 | Phantom Force
    TM152 | Giga Impact
    TM156 | Outrage
    TM157 | Overheat
    TM158 | Focus Blast
    TM159 | Leaf Storm
    TM160 | Hurricane
    TM161 | Trick Room
    TM162 | Bug Buzz
    TM163 | Hyper Beam
    TM165 | Flare Blitz
    TM166 | Thunder
    TM167 | Close Combat
    TM168 | Solar Beam
    TM169 | Draco Meteor
    TM170 | Steel Beam
    TM171 | Tera Blast

    >Move Reminder Exclusive Moves
    - | Sunny Day
    - | Electric Terrain

    • 2 weeks ago

      >no body press
      I believe it

      • 2 weeks ago


  3. 2 weeks ago

    >Once Update 1.5.0 releases, the player, after completing the main story, will unlock the ability to change the base stats and the typing of Terapagos by interacting with the Pedestal at the bottom of Zero Lab.

    >The player can change Terapagos' type to any of the 171 possible type combinations.
    >Depending on the type the player assigns to Terapagos the symbols on it's shell will change to reflect it's type.

    >When changing Terapagos' base stats, the player is given 18 blocks to distribute to any of it's six stats.
    >One block is equal to 25 base stat points.
    >Terapagos has at the very least 25 base stat points if the player chooses not to invest any of the available blocks into that stat. The max number of blocks you can put in a single stat is 8, or a base stat of 200.
    >By default, Terapagos will have 1 block in HP, Attack, Special Attack, and Speed, and 8 blocks in both Defense and Special Defense.

    >The base stats and typing of Terapagos is applied to the player's file, not the individual Terapagos, meaning that whatever the player choose for Terapagos' stats will apply to all Terapagos in the player's possesion.
    >Trading a Terapagos to another file will change it's set stats and type to whatever the other player has their Terapagos assigned as.
    >Sending Terapagos to Pokémon Home will have it's stats and type set to default.

    >Terapagos is not capable of Terastalization.
    >It is not possible to change Terpagos' ability.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Too good to be true

    • 2 weeks ago

      >customizable stats and typing
      This is too ridiculous, this would make competitive battling with it an absolute headache. This is too stupid to be real, but on the other hand this is nu-Game Freak we're talking about.

    • 2 weeks ago

      >Pokemon trying to be like Yokai-Watch
      Sounds about right.

    • 2 weeks ago

      you lost me

    • 2 weeks ago

      There's already a leak with it with a tera hat so nice try.

      • 2 weeks ago

        >Source: My urethra

    • 2 weeks ago

      latinx aren't welcome here

    • 2 weeks ago

      >by interacting with the Pedestal at the bottom of Zero Lab.
      Why would that even function in such a way?

    • 2 weeks ago

      is not capable of Terastalization.
      It literally has a MASSIVE FUCKING CROWN IN THE BOOK

  4. 2 weeks ago


  5. 2 weeks ago

    >Legendary Shuckle with a big movepool

    I don't know about this...

  6. 2 weeks ago

    Whole lotta effort put into something that's ostensibly fake and gay.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    not reading the moves, but this seems like a pretty garbage shitmon so far

  8. 2 weeks ago

    >makes up a whole new gimmick
    >forgets to explain what Iridescent Wave is

  9. 2 weeks ago

    >"The brilliant energy that radiates from Terapagos is said to tear the fabric of reality around it."

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