47 thoughts on “>2 hours game length”

  1. You have genre defining games like Hollow Knight that everyone loves selling for less than 20 bucks and the flood of excellent other indie metroidvanias every year for a decade.
    Next to it Metroid just does not look worth the money and almost completely riding on brand recognition from Nintendo.
    Also fuck cutscene spam. That shit dragged down Metroid Prime 3 already when the texts to read were always way better for anyone that isn’t a movie normalhomosexual.

  2. Something that keeps being forgotten is that the time you’re given at the end for your clear time doesnt include deaths nor does it include cutscenes.

  3. Oh shit bros my time travel machine is going nuts all of a sudde-
    *this thread has been transported back in time*
    >9800 yen
    Imagine paying this much for a fucking 7 hour long game holy shit

  4. >Buy a switch for 300$
    >Buy a switch OLED for 350$ because I want the games to look good
    >Buy the game from a scalper for 90$
    >Open the case
    >Nervously place the game on my Switch OLED
    >Game falls to the floor, cat grabs it
    >Dog’s mad, kills the cat, grabs the cart
    >Dogs choked with the cart before I can do anything
    >tfw 740$ and no game, no cat and no dog

  5. You’re thinking of Super Metroid at launch, adjusted for inflation.
    Dread is actually about twice as long and costs slightly less.

  6. Last time I checked it was for free. But… nostalgia aside is a 3 stars game at best. If this game would have a different name and different character it woul be trashed as it deserved.

  7. >7 hours game length
    >6 hours game length
    >5 hours game length
    >4 hours game length
    >2 hours game length
    >45 minute game length
    make up your mind retards

    also took me 12 hours to 100% but keep baitposting ya homosexual


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