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  1. Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have anyone excited. It’s kind of remarkable. Sony started off their September Showcase showing off a brand new Final Fantasy game. They assured their audience that the game would be console exclusive to Playstation. They showed a new trailer, some new gameplay, and set the stage for the next entry in Final Fantasy. And not a single person cared.

    The Death of Final Fantasy has been long been discussed in fan circles. On internet message boards and in TheSpoonyOne videos. The games have felt like they have been getting worse for a very long time. I myself have stopped playing new ones since the tenth entry. For the past several years, I’ve been wondering just when Final Fantasy would drop out of favor with the public. I think that time is now. I think Final Fantasy has made so many critical mistakes over the years, so many missteps, made so many poor decisions, that absolutely no one is excited for this newest entry. I myself watched the trailer and found that not a single thing looked interesting. The new characters were drab and boring. The setting just looks like typical medieval Europe with Chocobos. And the combat is the same tired real time system that people hated in Final Fantasy XV.

    Everything about this, from the uninteresting characters to the stubborn refusal to return to turn based combat systems to the years of bad entries in this franchise seems to have caused a collapse of interest from audiences. The official Final Fantasy XVI trailer has less than 3 million views on Youtube. This is remarkable considering games from considerably smaller IPs have gotten about two times as much. There is no real enthusiasm or interest in Final Fantasy XVI. There is no excitement, there is no speculation, there is no cautious optimism. There. is. Nothing. Other than from a scant few Youtubers trying to act excited for their audience. Final Fantasy XVI feels like it got considerably less attention than a lot of games like it.

  2. They are not showing anything because Yoshi-P can’t stand criticism after being used to have his ass kissed by XIV homosexuals for so long. See, his reaction on picrelated after a failed trailer roll.

    • I mean, he has a point. Better to show an actual gameplay trailer to prove the game is at least partially done compared to showing a cinematic trailer with zero gameplay.

      • If you show a prerendered trailer with nothing else, it is not unreasonable for people to assume you don’t have much to show otherwise.

    • If he "can’t stand" criticism, why is he actually trying to tackle the issue of said criticism. People who "can’t stand" criticism will usually ignore the criticism and do whatever the fuck they want. What kind of a retard are you?

    • Not hack: knowing that your company likes to announce things early announce the game, show gameplay footage and/or CG cinematics with a defined release window
      Hack: knowing that your company likes to announce things early show a PS3 tier looking gameplay footage and in-engine cutscenes, don’t say anything about release window, cry on the livestream tgat you’re being bullied by gaijin and that garbage graphics act as an insurance that your game is coming soon(tm)

    • >Yoshida is credited with saving Final Fantasy 14 from near disaster
      >It is now SquareEnix’s most profitable FF ever with 24 Milion players

      Pretty sure they’re going to give him the budget he needs for what he wants to do, he doesn’t come across as going all out with 4D stuff like say Nomura.

      He means its better to show actual gameplay than a pre rendered trailer, how the hell did you get ‘he cant take criticism’ from that barry?

  3. I can’t believe how hard they fell, I’m mean surely internally they must know that, XVI is not at the quality expected by fans. Jesus they were so creative in building fantasy worlds like no one else. I wonder how fucked it really is behind the scenes.

    • >XVI is not at the quality expected by fans
      I know it’s bait but it’s being made by the best team at square enix, and quality is guaranteed. The trailer you saw is something slapped together at the last minute because sony wanted it. If it were up to Yoshida, there’d be only one trailer, with a release date, a pre-order, and a demo. And there’s supposedly a demo in december. After Endwalker releases the marketing for FF16 will ramp up.

      • ur life is a joke

        hey if you keep eating the shit they’ll keep serving it.
        I can’t seriously believe anyone is defending that fucking trailer. It’s like they don’t even know what makes FF FF. Face it they fucked up XIII, XV and remakeVII +KH3, XVI isn’t going to be different they are cooked as a dev team.

        • The creator of the damn series doesn’t mind what FF has become. Matter fact he encourages devs to try shit out. Why makes YOU the one who have any say as to what the series should be you fucking homosexual.

          • >The creator of the damn series doesn’t mind what FF has become

            Maybe he fucking should, if he doesn’t give a fuck about the series pass it over to someone who does and not drag it through the dirt because his to cooked listen to the fans.

          • Sakaguchi is old and senile. He was seething about XIII, saying it’s not Final Fantasy. Then he praised XV and Tabata saying it’s a real FF. He recently got into XIV and likes it so far.

    • Yeah, one look at FFXVI and you can see that the series is going through a serious identity crisis and they want to play it safe this time by copying shit from other JRPGs/WRPGs that is guaranteed to appeal to the widest demographic and sell. Too bad it makes the product a soulless corporate cashgrab that will be forgotten pretty quickly, because Soulsborne, Witcher, Kingdom Come, DMC have their own established fan bases and they won’t suddenly jump the ship to play FFXVI because they see some familiar elements. In fact, pandering to other fan bases is what usually kills your IP since you alienate your core fans and this is what they did with the last 5 games.

      • >FFI copies DQ, Ultima and Wizadry, no one bats an eye
        >FFVI being steampunk, no one bats an eye
        >FFVII being modern, no one bats an eye
        >FFIX back into fantasy, no one bats an eye
        >FFXV back to modern, no one bats an eye
        >FFXVI into medieval fantasy, OMG THEY’RE ARE HAVING AN IDENTITY CRISIS!
        Yeah nah, fuck off, and fuck you.

        • This. FF being all over the place is literally part of its identity, none of the main games have been anything like the preceding one since maybe 7 to 8 and even then 8 did some wacky shit.

  4. Disappointing we haven’t seen more yet. It feels like square is overcorrecting after the production bog fiasco that was XV.


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