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  1. So you’re saying that an mmorpg with a $12 a month sub, expansion sales, and a cash shop made the most money?

    Yeah, if you rip people off you make a lot of money. Cash shops do that.

  2. >started playing yesterday
    >so far it’s been five hours of "run to talk to this character, than that character over there, then talk to the original chatacter, cutscene, repeat
    >all the while weirdos in the chat box are asking people to come "adult roleplay" with them

    Yeah really nice "game" you’ve got there.

      • So FF11 was the most profitable Final Fantasy game last year, and now FF14 only just overtook it.

        FFXIV has a made a lifetime revenue of 2.2billion dollars


        WOW made 1 billion in one year in 2014 alone.


        • Nice goalposts seeing it wasn’t compared to wow.
          Maybe it’s because it’s not designed to funnel your money and get you addicted. There are super rare mounts nobody bothers with in FFXIV because they’re mogstation reskins and have no prestige

  3. This is fake, if you check the sources they are not the same.

    For instance it compares to ff11 which stopped giving numbers in 2011.

  4. Does it include me?
    I played the free version for an hour, quitted, and never managed to get back because WOW shat itself and everyone moved to FF14 therefore blocking any non-subscription player from playing.

    • The fuck are you talking about.
      I’ve been playing for free for months and got all my crafters to 50 easy. (which is incredible pain without use of the market board) and I’m a spic on a NA server.

      • Half of the servers didn’t even let me join them ( create a character) and the other half told me to wait on the queue and then gave a message that F2P players can’t be in the queue and automatically closed the game.

        • Yeah that part was the worst, but am guessing that’s a queue for world joining? Try going to a Data Center that’s less congested? I started playing around September and I was forcefully shoved into the RP server. Maybe legacy servers work different?
          Then again, not like you’re forced to try, but it’s a shame the free trial fucks that up considering it has like half the game available.


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