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    • They’re not doing anything wrong. If you’re going to get this mad over Nintendo, then get just as mad at everyone else doing the same thing. Gamepass is just as much of a scam but "it’s old games" like that’s some excuse for why Gamepass is ok.

  1. Supporting corporate greed and kissing Nintendo’s ass doesn’t make you cooler than a pirate lol. People need to be like Link. Open your eyes. Wake up, Link.

    • It’s fucking Nintendo, it’s not EA where they make bad games. Nintendo makes good games. Who cares if they’re old. They’re worth $20 cause it’s good and it’s Nintendo. Better then paying some random person $1000 on ebay.

      • >20$
        did you even read? also no then64 is absolute garbage 3 good games out of a lottle under 400. Gba would have been miles better.

  2. Its only fifty fucking bucks a year, how poor is everyone on here? Jesus.
    >oh boohoo theyโ€™ll cancel the service, your renting
    Its fifty fucking bucks A YEAR. Do any of you pay bills?

  3. So the blue puppet just made a video about how the price of the expansion pass is bad, so now you live in a world where you agree with the blue puppet Nintendo shill that you hated. How does that feel? How does it feel, to know that you have to become contrarian now, and defend the Nintendo online expansion pass if you want to not be shilling for Arlo? Live with that.

  4. I’m going to buy the family plan and share it with some friends. Already pre-ordered the controller. Stay mad about it Gankerirgins.

  5. dont care didnt read still playing n64 in the shitter on my beautiful and ergonomic nintendo switch oled as opposed to playing on that monstrous cumbersome piece of shit handheld made for fat ugly people

    • Because they have a horde of fanatics who will give them gobs of money no matter what. For these people, Nintendo can do no wrong.

      As long as Nintendo has a guaranteed income from the horde, they will have nothing to lose.

      • >For these people, Nintendo can do no wrong.
        Bruh did you not see the dislike ratio on the vid
        >36k dislikes
        I think what you mean to say is that there is a limit to how much toddlers can stand for before they realize that nintendo are nip garden gnome hybrids.

        • It’s still 14k likes. That’s still a ton. Plus, do you think Nintendo is going to listen to backlash when there was over a half year of consistent, daily bitching and boycott talks and Sword/Shield still sold over 20 million copies.

          • This isn’t pokemon, retard. Also the dislikes outweighing the likes mean that not everyone who got word of this isn’t a fucking retard. Yes there is backlash. Yes normalhomosexuals are calling it a scam. Yes people want the price to be lowered. There is no rational reason why video games should cost 50-60 dollars. Especially ones from over a decade ago.

          • Imagine the like/dislike ration actually meaning anything. Is your opinion on things dependent on upvotes? Go fucking back.

          • >Imagine the like/dislike ration actually meaning anything
            It means a shit ton of people are not happy. Nintendo should listen to fan feedback. They are not immune to being criticized for their gnomish bullshit and SHOULD listen to consumers who are unhappy with their decisions.

          • It means people are jumping on a bandwagon for cool internet points. I have no idea what the fuck you’re going on about the garden gnomes, they did nothing wrong, but Nintendo isn’t going to listen, they have 0 reasons to give a shit what people think until they lose money, and that’s not happening in our lifetimes.

    • Because the feedback isn’t real. This is like the "backlash" against the national dex being cut or Byleth being in smash or one island per console for animal crossing. The average person doesn’t care about this shit and the ones who do are a vocal minority of bitter trannies and third worlders who can’t afford to play games legitimately even if they wanted to

        • How is it a scam? They’re not forcing you to buy it.

          I would never buy Yoshi’s wooly world but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is scamming me by creating it instead of something I would buy

          • Even if it’s optional, it’s a scummy service, they’re literally shoehorning a fucking DLC to artificially increase the price

            Imagine if Sony or MS started offering DLC for their subscription services, Ganker wouldn’t stop shitting on them but it’s ok when Nintendo does it

          • I think you need to stop taking everything that game companies do so personally. There’s a million games out there, just go play something else instead

          • If Nintendo had a monopoly on gaming you’d have cause for concern. But they don’t so you’re just whinging about nothing

  6. I mean, it’s still cheaper than what either Sony or Xbox offers.
    Only thing they have going for them over this is not needing a subscription for f2p online games.

  7. Why does every one who dislike Nintendo think they can comment on Nintendo fans who want? Nintendo doing is making price competitive for what is they think market price is allowed, so is so they is Nintendo the fans buy the product at the price is not too high the expenses. Understand?

    • I ask the same questions, anon.
      Ninty didn’t want to properly price the expansion at $5-10 so they forced that $25 dlc in order to screw you.


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