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    • Aglio e olio is tasty as fuck and only needs olive oil, parsley and garlic. Try this guy’s videos, quite simple

    • put sphaggetti in boiling water, wait until it gets noodly, but not raw on the inside
      after its done, get it out of the water so it doesnt overcook and become a glue
      i recommend doing the tomato sauce first because the pasta is quick to get done, the sauce takes a bit more time

      cut onion pieces and put them in a pot, alongside some olive oil, if you want bacon add them before the onions alongside the olive oil
      pour the tomato sauce in the pot, season it, and let it boil
      its one of the easiest and quickest foods out there to make really

    • >boil noodles
      >drain almost all water by putting the lid on the pot and pouring it out
      >leave a little bit behind
      >throw in 1-2 bouillon cubes
      >mix thoroughly

  1. Not a problem unless it’s a smelly nerd reading meta guides, playing through half the game at low SL only to go seal clubbing at highwall for hours on end.
    Tried to get my friend into Dark Souls and he quit because of the griefers.

  2. how would you guts have genuinely improved invasions in DS3? I love arenas and huge 3 v 3 battles in Anor Londo/ Irithyll and casual invasions are pretty fun as well. Only thing that pisses me off is when the invader runs behind mobs and then I have to slash through the entire map just to chase them down, which is the whole point i guess.

      • >Host gets no estus.
        Nice bait. Almost had me believing you were a legitimate manchild who thinks the world should revolve around you because you want to invade someone trying to get through an area.

        • Play offline if you just want to play singleplayer. If you’re online then you’re literally begging for me to come in and smack your shit up.

    • Just make being killed by one either not lose souls or at least not make you lose your last bloodstain. Otherwise I’m not going to fight some guy hiding behind a pack of enemies in a pitched battle I’m guaranteed to lose.

    • Phantoms that are unable to heal via estus. Team damage is on during invasions for the hosts and friendly phantoms, but they only deal 1/3 of their damage output against their peers. This would be crucial for the invasions because ganking was a problem that has been ruining the invasions for a long time.


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