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  1. Ok, I didn’t play the original, so other than the OG dub, and "I am the Wind" I know little of it. With that said, the PsP versions doesn’t add much, it has an extra boss, and Maria as a playable character, dual audio, and yes, the new script and dub, that it isn’t bad, but a little boring. With that said, I don’t think anyone actually remembers anything of the original dub, after the Ritcher and Dracula exchange at the start.

  2. PS1 JP rom translated to english. None of the horrible original translation and voices, plus you get the kino jap voice acting as god intended.


          • That’s pretty much the only reason why people hold the original dub in high regard.
            However, the new dub is quite dull so it doesn’t actually exceed the new one at all. It’s also missing the vocal song "I Am the Wind" from the credits. The new Marina mode is pretty fun.
            Don’t listen to anyone trying to convince you the Saturn version is superior because they’ve been brainwashed to think that Saturn is the king of 2D and all 2D games play the best on the Saturn. SOTN was made for the PS1 hardware first and they used a bunch of tricks and features to make it work there. The Saturn port is a hacked up job by another team that suffers from slowdown, longer load times, missing or inferior effects and is overall just a worse presentation version. You’ll get people claiming the new zone content is absolutely worth it, but then quickly discover it’s only a couple of items and some hallways, enemies and a boss fight that are of a lower quality than the rest of the game. Marina is also playable in this version, but she has a completely different combat focused playstyle when compared to her animal combat in Rondo and PSP SOTN. There was a rom hack released for the Saturn version that added some QoL improvements and used the RAM cart to improve loading times, but the improvements are so minimal that it’s not even worth bothering. The only major improvement is the pause screen is instant now, but that isn’t an advantage it has over any other version.

          • >That’s pretty much the only reason why people hold the original dub in high regard.
            The original dub is objectively just entertaining. I think you’re confused and think people thought it was good at the time, no, everyone always liked it because it’s terrible. The new voice acting and script is just as bad, but without being interesting or entertaining.

      • PSP is shit because it uses the source code for JP v1.0 and is a horribly buggy mess. The PS1 (NTSC) and XBLA versions are both vastly superior.


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