84 thoughts on “Add gyro and add haptics.”

  1. i would like gyro, i hate playing shooters with stick but i could get used to gyro. i want back buttons/paddles the most though. i like my elite 2 controller but my right trigger is creaky and i like the way series controller feels in the hand

    • Xim Nexus

      I have the Elite Series 2 + Brook adapter for Gyro, the Switch Pro, the 8bitdo SN30 Pro+, and a steam controller. The only one ergonomically viable enough for me to aim with motion controls is the switch pro. I have to forfeit back buttons but being able to use the left face button to enable gyro and remap shit to dpad or the screenshot button is enough for me. The Xim Nexus should be a good solution for PC and Console gaming as well as gyro configuration will be localized to the device and it will output as Xinput or PS4 natively to the consoles.

  2. My shithole really jacked up the prices for Dualsenses/Xbone/XSEX gamepads.
    When I was looking for cheaper options I came across this thing. People say good things about it but I was wondering if some fellow Gankertards had an experience with this shit and have something more to say.
    Should I do the needful and bite the bullet?

  3. >add things that break easy while driving up the price and lowering the quality

    How about no. It took them a decade to fix the D-pad.

  4. >add gyro
    fuck no. that shit is so annoying to play with. i absolutely despise gyro thanks to playing the switch. shitty fucking useless feature that fucks with your aim.
    >add haptics
    also no. shitty new gimmick that does nothing more than a standard rumble pack already does. the xbox controller is perfect as is.

    • >fuck no. that shit is so annoying to play with. i absolutely despise gyro thanks to playing the switch. shitty fucking useless feature that fucks with your aim.
      Then turn it off? What game has gyro where it isn’t an option?

      • >then turn it off?
        i do.
        >what game has gyro where it isn’t an option?
        i don’t know but i hope to god that there never is one. gyro is complete fucking ass.

    • >i absolutely despise gyro thanks to playing the switch
      which game did you play that made you hate gyro so much? the first time I tried it I thought it was very fun and a lot easier to aim with than the sticks

      • arms, mario kart 8, and splatoon 2 specifically. i unconsciously move my hands/controller around a lot when i console game so whenever i was playing shit that required precision it always fucked with me wondering why my aim was moving without me moving the sticks and i had to turn it off. fucked with my brain too much. idk why it’s a thing in the first place when regular twin sticks work just fine.

  5. How about add a fucking dpad that doesn’t suck donkey dick? The XB1 controller already fixed that, why the fuck did they go back to the shit dpad? I’d buy XB1 controllers, but now they’re expensive as fuck, and they’re made of fucking paper mache, a single fall and they stop working. Absolutely 0 fucking quality control on them.

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    Any dual sticking subhuman who still thinks it’s sufficient is just an aimbothomosexual who has no idea how inadequate a config it is.

    • lmao look at this little mouse and keyboard homosexual mad that he keeps getting his shit pushed in by real gamer chads gripping their controllers win pizza roll greased up hands while half paying attention to the screen.

  7. Had a xbone controller I used for PC but it stopped working because the micro port is dogshit and won’t hold a cable properly anymore. Are they all like this?

  8. Add real bluetooth support for PC. Shit disconnects and reconnects like every 20 minutes. No I’m not buying your $40 dongle.

    • They know that they’d eventually be forced to convert in order to compete because they know what they’re currently using is vastly inferior. That’s why they’re so vehemently against it.
      The stick cuck fears the gyro.

  9. >gyro
    marginally more usefull than the touchpad (which is a complete gimmick and the only reason ps5 still has it is sony’s pride)
    for movie games maybe, but it seems to me that in tense moments you’d want precise conttol rather than ”””immersive””” gimmicks

  10. Honestly, it’d be the best pad on the market then. but alas we’re stuck with PS5 pad as the best now. Switch isn’t far off, but the fucking dpad sucks.

  11. what do you guys think about this d-pad? haven’t tried fighting games yet but it seems like a big improvement on the 360 and bone d-pads

  12. No. There is no need for motion controls in games neither there is for haptics.
    Motion controls add nothing to games and triggers with haptics have no real gameplay relevance.

    All the motion controls, touch pads on the controller, haptics and the sorts do nothing but raise the prices. That is why a controller is now just as expensive as a game.


        Who the fuck uses gyro other than Nintenweebs and their retarded ass fucking flicking up and down the remote to exercise those fat burger arms of theirs? IT’S A FUCKING GIMMICK with zero use.
        >but it helps me aim
        So you’re mad that you suck aiming with a stick? Grow the fuck up and stop using a controller if that’s the case.

        • >Grow the fuck up and stop using a controller if that’s the case.
          Why are some PC players so insecure that they try to make the argument that Controllers must be intentionally made ineffective compared to mouse? If your only argument is that you want others to be held back so you can feel superior, than you are the one who still has some growing up to do.

          • >intentionally made ineffective compared to mouse
            Literally unironically and I mean this with the pureness of my heart anon, literally take this as the best advice from this thread, just get good.

            No one needs or wants gyro. Leave that shit to Nintendo because it attracts the children and also fat fucks to get some exercise done. It’s unnecessary. If you’re still having a hard time aiming even with all those aim assists enabled, I don’t know what to tell you.

          • >No one needs or wants gyro
            everybody with more then 3 brain cells who can feel and hates the computer assisted auto aim wants gyro to replace auto aim.
            the idea is to use a control method that doesn’t need a computer to aim for you

            it’s funny how you try to spin gyro as some gimmick for kids when the entire point is that without it you need a fucking computer assisted handicap to even play games at all.

          • >Every single modern game allows you to turn aim assists off.
            Who actually does that though? Who the fuck plays CoD or Apex on console and turns aim assist off?

          • It’s not a handicap. It doesn’t actively help you. It just translates your movements directly into the game. It’s simply a more direct way of input, just like the mouse.

            Also I’ll stick to PC exclusively thank you very much.

          • >Every single modern game allows you to turn aim assists off
            and then the game is unplayable because nobody can aim adequately without aim assist.
            >So if you want a challenge and don’t want to be handy capped, then turn them off.
            but you are handicapped by the control method. Analog sticks are shit pointing devices. It’s like running in steel toe boots as opposed to light sneakers.
            >Gyro aim is more of a handicap at the end of the day.
            no lmao. Gyro aim is you having more muscular control over your aim. It’s like a frictionless mouse. It’s good and you hate it because of some kind of childish autistic need to defend analog stick aiming. Probably because you and retards like you have been using them to play shooters for over 20 years now.

            >Every single modern game allows you to turn aim assists off.
            Who actually does that though? Who the fuck plays CoD or Apex on console and turns aim assist off?

            people who are bad at the games turn it off and then get mad when they lose.

          • You want me to just get good, but I should also grow up and stop using a controller? That is contradictory and you can’t take both sides at the same time. I don’t think you have thought this through very well.

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          how is more accurate and intuitive aiming a gimmick? Analog sticks are a fucking gimmick since they need computer assisted aid to even work.

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          >you suck aiming with a stick?
          literally every human being on earth sucks at aiming with a stick. Not one person is good without auto aim doing half the work for them.

          The Aimlab controller work record is owned by somebody using gyro controls.

    • There aren’t many games that use it fully now, but if Xbox were to adopt it I think there would be a lot of games that would be willing to take the leap and take advantage of it. Shooters in particular would benefit a lot from having gyro that you can use to fine tune your aiming alongside the stick for bigger movements. Splatoon plays brilliantly in that regard once you get used to it.

    • Then call it the "Enhanced Controller" or something and have the associated features be options in games. You can still have your 2001 controller

    • >Useless features
      >Battery isn’t a useless feature for this style of controller
      Battery life is worthless, just leave it plugged in.

      Name 1 (one) relevant game that uses gyro in any meaningful way other than a gimmick.

      It’s suitable as a supplement to camera controls for just about any game.

      any modern controller that doesn’t have gyro and backpaddles is dinosaur bones

      It’s probably standard at this point for the 2 handed controller because it is painfully obvious by now how deficient the right stick is for everything.
      Current controller design is basically stuck with inefficient designs because the designs for the first controllers with analog sticks have stuck quite firmly now and any experimental controller designs that have gotten past the public autism and aversion to change have only left a negative impact and game development on the PC has caused mouselook the default.
      Controllers aren’t going to to further development on lightgun style aiming anytime soon despite it being optimal as a control method when supplemented by additional control methods for controlling not just player movement but also player rotation.


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