>allegations come up with decent evidence

>allegations come up with decent evidence
>stocks tank sponsorships pulled investors angry
>somehow the State of California fucks up and the feds are dismissing the big lawsuits against the company
How the fuck did they get away with almost everything? They only needed a few million payout and they’re in the clear because the witnesses are idiots

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  1. It was "controlled outrage" to remove last of the old guard, now that it server the cause it will be swept from the table
    But hopefully company will still die because what remains now is just worst sjw infested shithole

  2. Considering the number of glowscrotes that were in Actiblizzard I don’t think it’s any coincidence that serious charges with good evidence like that are just being dismissed.

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    • No publicity is bad publicity is a brainlet fucking take, gillete lost billions off their wokeshit ads, no reason that can’t apply just as much in the other direction

  4. It’s in your image, Activision
    Call of duty is the last effective propaganda the u.s government has left, the company was never going to be allowed to fall
    >The lawsuit was stalled due to overreach and conflict of interest
    Obviously an excuse but certainly not untrue with regards to the overreach, it’s disgusting that so many people were celebrating it just because it’s a company they don’t like

  5. Because California knows that practically speaking, if they were to punish A-B, it’d likely just see them re-headquarter and then California would be out the taxes they pay. California is already hemmoraging silicon valley businesses (And other industries) to places like Texas and Florida, and if California continues to drive them off, it will likely become an exceptionally poor state in the next 20-30 years.

    Hollywood is drying up as demographics among the youth aren’t really watching movies as much as they have in the past, video games are on the rise and California pissed away its pseudo-monopoly on them they could’ve focused on. California cannot afford for this case to be successful against Blizzard, so the easiest thing to do is to fuck up your own case to save face among your supporters instead of not pursuing it at all. I think this is only delaying the inevitable though, every major manufacturer is jumping ship from the state at a pretty steady rate, and the voter base in California won’t reverse course, instead choosing to also abandon the state when they get a chance so they can fuck up other places. California is a virus.

      • Other than news articles from right wing media/web sites, there’s been a steady migration of business out of California to other places in the US due to the exceedingly high taxes of the state. Both Texas and lately Florida have been targeting their dissatisfaction and drawing them to themselves as both have very low taxes across the board; one of the older examples of this would be Toyota relocating their HQ to Texas which prompted accusations from Californian politicians over "stealing" the automotive giant, along with very few tech startups beginning their life in California anymore. The costs are simply too high for anyone not established.

        Fiscally, California is accruing a very large debt to finance its social sector along with environmental policies, and while the state could previously afford to implement them, the reality is that as revenue dwindles, the state will be forced to consider reducing their support of such policies. This is compounded with the remaining industries HQ’d in California not bringing in the same income as they had traditionally, Hollywood being a large contributor to the state specifically. If Hollywood tanks, California will die overnight, because the tech sector had dwindled so much.

        As for the population doing the same, you can see that despite the dramatic rise in immigration to California in the last few years, the overall population is down. This is the first year in a very long time California actually lost seats in the US House, those seats being directly awarded based on the population of a state. Mass emigration to other, less expensive states has been occurring for roughly a decade and a half in significant numbers and shows no signs of slowing down.

          • Going back historically as a state, California had gold and later some oil as well. Natural resource production made the state fairly prosperous until its movie industry began to boom post-WW2, after which California began to focus on its service sectors.

            As a state with a high population and large cities, California did have a manufacturing sector but compared to the east coast and midwest, it was of middling size and provided little reason for industry giants to rebase manufacturing there. With the entire US being somewhat focused on moving away from manufacturing to service, this wasn’t a big deal for the state, as you can see the fate of Detroit, Chicago, and how New York evolved to stay with the times. That’s not to say that California is without industry whatsoever, but rather their industrial sector is underdeveloped for the state’s size.

            When the technical sector began to flourish in the late 60s on forward, California was well situated to becoming a tech giant, and did throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. With the dot com boom and other happenings, the state became obscenely wealthy, which fueled their ability to spend generously on social welfare and public works; however, as the money dries up, the state can’t maintain its expenditures, and as of right now, with the wealth within the US (And the world at large) beginning to equal out, California is in a bad place to adjust their spending when a large part of their population has become accustomed to their lifestyle.

            No one can really predict what the future will hold, but as it seems now, the state is spending far too much money and profits continue to dry up. Unless California finds a way to reverse the trend, they will have to reduce their spending or they’ll go belly up. One of the big ace-in-the-holes they have is that they’re a pretty big gateway for Asian manufacturing to the US, though Washington state partially shares that privilege with them as well.

          • They’ve gone from the world’s 8th largest economy to the world’s 5th in the past decade, they’re on an upwards trajectory, not downwards. States like Texas are so buttblasted by California’s success, they always have to spin this narrative of the state in peril, to make themselves feel less inferior. Shut the fuck up.

          • The corps are getting bigger & collecting more profits, but the inequality in Cali in insane, it’s why so many people are moving to to other states.

            Just because Zuckerberg is rich doesn’t mean you are.

          • >it’s why so many people are moving to to other states
            No they’re not, California had a tiny amount of people leave in the past two years. Just endless lies with you guys.

          • https://apnews.com/article/census-2020-government-and-politics-california-dd4a4f3ce3070231b0aecdc1cac3e97b

            >Went from 53 to 52 seats
            >Roughly equates to a 2% population loss
            >When immigration has climbed steadily

            I don’t know how you can claim California had a "tiny amount of people leave."

          • The actual loss was 182k, again with the lies https://calmatters.org/politics/2021/05/california-population-shrink-exodus/

          • But California is Democrats aren’t they "FOR the people" as you Democrat voters say (I give you a hint doesn’t matter if the person is red or blue, depends which person is in charge and is a leader) , so why do you have so many issues?

          • Why are you defending California? Didn’t they put in bills that you must be gay and trans to work in the tech industry and must give up your children to the church of pedophiles for the San Franscio Gay Choir?

          • I work for a company based there (I don’t live there), it’s just tiresome to see the state constantly barraged with attacks from shittier states. Yes, the state has tons of problems, extremist politicians, homelessness, housing affordability issues, but largely a good place.

            I don’t support the extremist bullshit of Blizzard employees, it represents the state very poorly. The tech industry there is still the best in the world, Blizzard isn’t part of that club any longer though due to spectacular mismanagement by Bobby/Jay Allen/Ion/etc.

          • >I don’t live there
            Fuck off to California and stay there. You’re not wanted in the rest of the 49 states.

          • It would be kind of nice if Cali left to be their own thing. The rest of the world could then continue to never think about the other states ever again.

    • >California is already hemmoraging silicon valley businesses (And other industries) to places like Texas and Florida
      This is bullshit, only Tesla is leaving and dollars to donuts they leave all their engineering CA because other states have zero talent compared to CA. They’ll move their manufacturing and that’s it, because Musk is pissed that California insisted his workers have minimum pay, vacation and safety standards in their factories and he doesn’t like to be told what to do and Texas doesn’t give a fuck about worker rights.

  6. It doesn’t matter, their rep as a liberal company is damaged, they can censor WoW all they want but it won’t matter, at best it will fool some retarded white women who think the mean gamers are attacking the devs for censoring WoW

    • Doesn’t matter to the casuals. With a lawsuit and a forced stop in business that would kill Acti but without that the casuals will still come to roast and all it takes is another Crash or Tony Hawk remake to do them in

  7. Its fine. While a big lawsuit would be a fast downfall, Blizzard will still slowly kill themselves through the terrible management of all their IPs. It may take a few more years but it will happen unless they do a clean sweep of every single level of management (they will not)

    • It’s only enraging people. They are removing anything that could be seen as toxic, when the world knows how toxic the company itself is.

    • Yes. Changes that mean nothing yet the sheep eat up. They’ll claim victory with those changes as Bobby laughs dodging a bullet

    • Yeah, they’re letting their woke devs change in-game things that triggered them. Quest names, emotes, paintings, npc names, npc dialogues, enemy speeches, even a mount name and icon… There is a lot of it, and it’s stuff that has been there for years longer than these thin skinned hires.
      It’s an easy way for the execs to appease them and can also be used for virtue signalling at the same time. And it costs them nothing. Expect more of the same.

      • I am just assuming that since they are removing things they don’t agree with. Everyone working at Blizzard supports racism, murder and genocide.

        • https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23730894/the-evolution-of-creative-content-in-world-of-warcraft
          >In early August, we set up internal channels where the WoW team could share feedback on content that doesn’t represent who we are as a team today. During this time, we also gathered a great deal of feedback from players on practically every aspect of the game. The player feedback influenced many gameplay improvements we’re working on for patch 9.1.5, and our internal feedback identified some in-game content that is inconsistent with our goal of building an inclusive and welcoming game world.
          They flat out stated that this was the result of internal dialogue on what made the devs uncomfortable. Someone at Blizzard genuinely wanted Master Baiter changed because it punched down or was crass, whatever. It’s ridiculous but that’s how it is.
          And they’re inconsistent. They’re removing references to all IRL peoplen, sure, fine, but the Madeleine Roux npc is still untouched ffs.

          • >made the devs uncomfortable
            I know that. Hence why since they are leaving in racism and genocide, it must mean that it makes them less uncomfortable than women.

          • They’re removing "greenskin" from the game but that’s probably because these retards think orcs=black people.

  8. social justice stops at the dollar sign. Cali much like fed politicians know who butters their bread, and it isn’t useful idiots.

  9. As everyone said before. They literally hired former government members that are high on the totem, which allowed them to get away with all the things they’ve done so far.

    In order to take down Blizzard, you’d need a real government agency to investigate them and all the corruption they are involved with. Good luck with how corrupt are government is.

    • The lawsuit was stalled due to overreach and conflict of interest. There’s a chance Activision could be fucked harder for this but it’s a brick wall for now


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