52 thoughts on “Almost finished this game and liked It”

  1. Echoes is better IMHO. The third one suffered greatly from being on the Wii and relying on gimmicky motion controls, but otherwise is still a great game

  2. 2 is an unpleasant slog through endless black and purple corridors that only gets fun for bosses
    3 is an inexplicable departure that may as well be called Halo: Motion Aim Edition.
    Replay 1 on Hard, it’s better than both of them combined.

    • >2 is an unpleasant slog
      it always had a charm but it felt like the game was always trying to make progress as slow as possible and I first noticed this when getting the keys for agon wastes and having the second dark aether area in the pirate base that connects both dark areas being cut off by a random super missile door forcing you to go out, walk back to the other portal, and then finally you get to fight the boss

  3. prime 2 is fairly… Tricky but the lore and the bosses are just as fun as prime 1

    prime 3 is kinda shabby and loses a bit of the soul that the first two had

  4. Echoes is hard to describe. It’s definitely more difficult thanks to the Dark Aether mechanic and a few notorious bosses. Unfortunately it can be a bit tedious at times. There is a LOT of "forced" backtracking through light/dark versions of the same areas. There’s also the limited beam ammo gimmick which is actually pretty irrelevant after a few upgrades, but I’m sure some people get filtered by it.

    Corruption is more of a linear, story-driven and action-heavy take on the 3D Metroid concept. Kind of like Fusion compared to Super.

  5. 2 is an upgrade to 1 but suffers in key aspects that make it divisive among fans
    3 was going to be amazing but got kneecapped from developement due to meddling but that passion shines through in areas

  6. They’re all pretty great. Metroid Prime 1 is the classic, Metroid Prime 2 is darker and more unique compared to other Metroids, and 3 is a Wii motion controlled game that actually works, but is the worst of the three in my opinion.

    It’s a solid trilogy of games. If you like the first one you’ll probably enjoy the other two.

  7. 3 is my favorite, I first played the Trilogy on Wii so I had no nostalgia for GCN Prime and found 3 to be objectively superior in every way.

  8. Metroid Prime – The one everyone likes.

    Metroid Prime 2 – The one hardcore fans like.

    Metroid Prime 3 – The one casuals like.

    I personally think all three games are fantastic. Probably the most consistent trilogy in gaming.

  9. The second one is basically the first with minor differences. Autists inflate these differences and so pretend they’re vastly different games. The third is a very different beast in a number of ways (multiple planets, companions and conversation rather than alien chat logs, ez mode unlocked from the start etc) but is worth playing if you liked the other two.

    • >minor differences
      >different world, areas
      >dark world parallel dimension
      >new weapons that spend ammo
      >cut down on nonsensical backtracking by making a main hub
      >best suit in the franchise
      Prime 2 was an incredible sequel. Fuck Sky Temple Keys tho. Original did the key hunt much better.

      • alot of the sky temple keys can easily be grabbed even before the sky temple objective.

        still kind of gay how the game has 16 keys to collect

        • I’m not sure but was there a way to at least get a hint on where they were? I used a guide for them as the only thing the alien tells you is "look around Dark Aether bro" I think I found like 2 on my own.

          • They have a system where you need to check dead guys for their names and then look up what place they died. Some of them are just nondescript mothguy corpses.
            It’s fucking tedious.

          • you can check the dead guys with red scans along the way or you can just go to the sky temple and each key slot has the hints

        • >go to Phendrana
          >nah sorry go to Tallon Overworld to get boots
          >now go back to Phendrana
          Doing the exact route 3 times in a row is not fun nor inmersive nor engaging. It’s a time stretching borefest that was only there to extend the duration of the title. Stop defending poor game design.

  10. Currently running through the Trilogy again using primehack + MKB setup. EVERYONE needs to play these fucking games like this, holy shit MKB alone turns the already amazing games into the best shit ever.

  11. almost everyone enjoys the first one, the 2nd one is a split opinion, some love it even more than the original but others think it’s shit, and the 3rd just doesn’t get a lot of discussion either way
    definitely worth a try if you enjoy the original though


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