56 thoughts on “American voice actors suck.”

  1. Britlards really think their voice acting sounds good? Lmfaooo. Muhammad, I’ll agree that our voice acting isn’t very good either but no one likes your disgusting cockney screeching. You homosexuals ruined XBC2.

  2. why do people pretend souls games are not fucking atrocious va-wise?
    yes literally sound like they hired burnt out druggies off the street

  3. Why does Laura Bailey get work? She sounds so monotonous and bored all the time. Her voice is fucking dull that it’s actually beginning to stand out to me when I hear it. Is it possible for someone to be so lacking in personality that they become actively annoying instead of fading into obscurity?

  4. British theatre actors are the best, get anyone who has appeared on an episode of The Bill or Casualty.

    Playing Avengers right now and Laura Bailey is dreadful. Sounds like she took a deep breath in every time she speaks.

  5. Most voice actors suck and should be paid minimum wage at best. Talking in your normal voice is just unskilled labor. Instead we have homosexuals out here you expect triple figure salaries. If you can’t do more than 5 completely different voices you don’t deserve to even be called an actor. I can’t wait for AI to replace them all, it can’t come soon enough.

  6. Pretty much every recognizable voice actor fancies himself an A-list Hollywood superstar. That comes with all the baggage of Hollywood stars: narcissism, a low opinion of others, and dumbass leftist opinions

  7. When talking to an American you have to realise you’re not talking to a real human being. It’s a fact that television shows like Friends have impacted the way Americans speak and behave. They go through their daily lives putting on a performance based on fictional characters, even in front of their closest family and friends. So when an American needs to act, it’s their "normal" fiction based personality with several layers of irony on top, which is what acting is to them and video games are low on the pay scale amongst these poorly skilled actors.

  8. Bad voice actors:

    Robin Atkin Downes
    Nolan North
    Steve Blum
    Tara Strong
    Laura Bailey
    Troy Baker
    Yuri Lowenthal
    Liam O’Brien
    Jennifer Hale
    Ashly Burch


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