64 thoughts on “>Anon has fallen in love with his love interest mother.”

  1. >you will never dress up in your mom’s clothes
    >you will never feel her too small panties riding up your ample buttcheeks, giving you a tight wedgie
    >you will never put on her skirt, it’s smaller size bearly covering your ass and neither regions, it’s tighness around the waist giving you a muffin top
    >you will never feel her top squeezing your chest, bursting at the seams on your bigger, fuller body
    >you will never see your midriff nicely exposed by your mom’s small attire
    >you will never use her makeup, transforming your face into that of her – but more bolder, more refined, more confident
    >you will never greet your dad, arriving late from work
    >you will never trick him with your disguise
    >your dad will never kiss you on the lips, his tounge full of love, exploring your mouth
    >he will never carry you bridal-style to the master bedroom
    >he will never throw you on the bed, gently, but with force
    >you will never unzip your dad’s jeans, exposing his big, veiny cock to the outside world
    >you will never give your dad the best blowjob of his life
    >you will never feel his strong arms – that once carried you, that onced held you when you were learing how to walk – holding you tight by your hair
    >you will never feel his hot seed shooting straight into your throat
    >your dad will never see his beautiful "wife" swallowing his cum with glee
    >you will never see your dad so happy and content with his life
    >your dad will never see you so happy
    Why even live at this point?

  2. I don’t even love my GF, I’m just sticking around because I found out that she came from serious money. That said.

    >love gf’s mom
    Her mother intimidates the shit out of me. She has a staunch, elegant air about her that is bound to sniff out the fact that I’m a fucking fraud.

  3. >tfw my gf’s mother is hotter than her
    What to do? Cheat on my gf with her mother or marry her and wait a few decades to get the milf?


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