42 thoughts on “Anons, you didn’t buy a $350 console to play just 3 games, did you? You can play all of those o…”

  1. I bought a $300 console, and a $200 console, and have a $350 console coming in the mail next week. I really like the Switch, and own around 300 games on it. I don’t really care one way or another, I just like playing in handheld and don’t feel like wasting my time with emulation.

  2. do poorhomosexuals really?

    nothing wrong with emulation but if you cant afford a 60 dollar game you like then thats pretty sad

  3. I fucking hate metroid fans now. These bros are not my bros. Its all so spiteful and zoomer infested. I always hated toobs posting but I’ll gladly take it over what we have now.

      • Either way I hate it. I hate it because I used to consider myself a nintendo fan. I love LoZ and Metroid beyond words, but I can’t bring myself to enter discussion about their most recent entries because they’re filled with the dumbest posters on the internet, and I’m saying that knowing full well that flat earthers and scientologists post here. Its just so fucking uncomfy. We used to encourage people to pirate good games so they could share in the joy of gaming and now Tendies throw a gigantic shitfit for daring to hurt Nintendo’s financial interests. Its either a cruel joke or an ironic punishment to see somethign I love just become so shitty to interface with. I guess I still have the games themselves but still.

  4. I always wondered why emuhomosexuals would say it’s so easy and "fuck [brand]" but then never give any info on how to install it
    switchhomosexuals are looking pretty based now for doing it

    • >why buy a PC
      >implying most people that post on Ganker don’t have PCs of some capacity
      >implying that anyone would buy an expensive PC over Switch if playing 2 games was the only factor
      >implying that Switches can play anywhere near the amount of games PC can
      >implying you’re not a homosexual


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