23 thoughts on “Any reason to play this over Final Mix?”

  1. I’m playing KH1 right now and am enjoying the story, but really fucking hate the controls and combat. I’ve heard the combat gets better with future entries and I’m not sure I want to suffer through more of this one to get to that. Should I just watch the cutscenes for 1 and CoM or stick with it?

  2. Yep
    Final Mix nerfed the difficulty, added even more triangle counters, extra bosses are not plot relevant and also complete jokes, literally REMOVED two enemies (“replaced” is a bad word here; the additions are actually worse)
    Basically, FM is a soulless brain dead version of 2 that zoomers cling to because it’s the only way they’re able to claim to have beaten critical
    Absolutely hilarious how hard original 2 filtered people with its difficulty to the point where FM had to tone things down
    Do yourself a favor OP: play the original 2 and be proud. It’s actually a better game 100%.

  3. No limit form and everything you get from it is a pretty horrible downgrade i guess.
    Also critical is a very good rebalancing of proud mode, its not actually harder, but its much more balanced, especially when it comes to level 1 mode.

  4. Overrated as fuck game in either iteration, the Organization are such nothing characters besides Axel whose "glorious sacrifice" deviantart wouldn’t stop raving about went down like a wet fart

    • I dont think its that overrated, i hear constant "its the best JRPG and action game and moba of all time" but that doesnt detract from the fact that its a solid and fun AJRPG. Its a cute game with good combat and a bunch of fun side stuff. If only the first game had the combat of the second game then the praise would almost be justified.

    • I like to give original versions the benefit of the doubt, I know it’s usually a no brainer but there are cases where the rerelease ends up harming the game more than it helps, so it’s always nice to get a consensus before making a decision on which version to play.

  5. >Pros to Original KH2
    Original Heartless colors look great
    The original title screen mirrors the KH1 title screen, making it feel more like a sequel than CoM
    >Cons to Original KH2
    No Critical Mode
    Goofy is completely broken
    No Limit Form, which means no dodge roll
    No Roxas fight
    No Cavern of Rememberence
    No Data Organization 13
    No Lingering Will

    There’s been no reason to play Original KH2 ever since Final Mix released

      • That’s how it always is with KH games, you never get the first version but unfortunately most of Ganker didn’t get the memo when KH3 released and they’re still salty about it..


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