Any traditional roguelike fans here? Steam has a sale going, and I don’t usually play these gam…

Any traditional roguelike fans here? Steam has a sale going, and I don’t usually play these games, but I’d like to try one… just one. What would you recommend? Anything on this list?

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    • I can assume they are relatively easy to make if you have autism.
      That being said, if by "a lot" you mean "just CoQ" that’s not really "a lot".

    • its a niche hobby enjoyed by spergs, and there’s a weird correlation between being on the spectrum and being diagnosed with "gender dysphoria"
      in other words, propaganda and predatory therapists prey on spergs to turn them into trannoids

    • It’s required at this point. The majority of people that argue over genre terms are the minority of people that play so called "roguelikes", roguelike has taken on a new meaning and the old guard doesn’t care

    • trad roguelike is the steam tag that actually applies to roguelikes now if you are looking for them there. roguelike tag has things that don’t even fit in as lites lmao

  1. >one… just one
    I say try ADOM then. It’s a very polished and in-depth elaboration on NetHack and is probably The Roguelike in many senses no matter what retarded contrarians try to say.
    As another anon had mentioned, it’s pretty vanilla but it’s not as clunky as other "classic" roguelikes (bands and hacks). Also, it’s probably the only major roguelike that somewhat tries to use the RP part of the implied RPG subgenre, and it works as a nice bridge between the games you’re likely familiar with and roguelikes.
    It being vanilla makes it actually way crazier comparatively than most modern roguelikes because ironically the latter tend to borrow some "groundedness" from other genres in an attempt to widen their audience.

  2. I love traditional roguelikes, i recently got back into dead cells after playing a bit more The Binding of Isaac, any recommends? i’ve been thinking of getting noita after having played a pirated copy for a while

  3. The only 1 i could ever tolerate is Neo Scavenger. All the other ones have way too many controls for me to want to learn them.

  4. Man I really want slay the spire still but I refuse to pay the sale price everytime just because it was on a humble bundle months ago

  5. If you want to TRY one just do Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Its a browser game, some Gankerppl will say it for nerfed and its too easy but if you are new to the genre you can learn for free.
    Theres also Cataclysm, seth did a review on it.

    • It’s good for a jroguelike. Personally not the biggest fan of mystery dungeon style games vs trad roguelikes but its one of the better ones i’ve played.

      • >Personally not the biggest fan of mystery dungeon style games

        Man I really liked the classes the mystery dungeon one way heroics added but the original is leagues better, invisible traps are so dumb.

  6. Ooo, thanks for this thread. One of my favorite games of all time is binding of isaac, the amount of items in that game bundled with synergies really fucking spoiled me. Anyway, could i get a recommendation into the roguelike genre? And yes im aware isaac is a roguelite

    • Unreal World is what got me into the genre. Simple controls and mechanics compared to others and extremely comfy. After I realized how much I love this I moved onto others and since CDDA has become my favoureite

  7. The only game there worth money is Rift Wizard. ADOM is a classic game that doesn’t hold up. Qud is unfinished and shallow in its mechanics, even if it tries to pretend otherwise. Interesting world, but that is also unfinished, even after many years of development. Dunegonmans is legitimately one of the worst roguelikes I’ve ever played, and gives off the strong impression that it was made for at most young teens.

    If you enjoy traditional roguelikes, try Sil, Infra Arcana or my favourite, Unreal World. Only UrW costs money. It also has a number of good mods on the official forums.

    Roguelikes in general are one of those old, passion-driven genres where the free games are the best in field by a significant margin.

    If you want to look into more niche titles, go to the roguelikes general on Ganker.

  8. just checked the list to see what was on sale

    >If you like building characters with lots of unique classes and abilities with a ton of loot (ala diablo/poe)
    Tales of Maj’Eyal

    >If you think 2d tile graphics like shitty and you love Doom
    Jupiter Hell

    >If you like survival crafting games

    >If you like weird furry OC sci fi settings with confusing deep mechanics and frustrating levels of difficulty
    Caves of Qud

    >If you want to play the most vanilla standard traditional definition of a trad roguelike

    >If you want the boring vanilla roguelike experience but with some more "meta" features and a sense of humor

    >If you like math
    Hydra Slayer

    Honorable mention games that aren’t on sale but are still pretty cheap (or not)

    >if you like sci fi settings and don’t mind looking up recipes on a wiki
    SOTS: The Pit

    >if you want a decent and accessible roguelike with corny humor and graphics

    >If you want to be a nordic survivalist and say prayers to various deities before the hunt
    UnReal World

    >if you love robots, body modification, inventory management, and blowing shit up

    >If you like jrpgs
    One Way Heroics +

    >If you like mystery dungeon games
    Shiren Vita Port or Tangledeep

    There are also many free games that are superior to several on this list that are free to download like CDDA, Brogue, Demon, DCSS etc.

    • >Tales of Maj’Eyal
      >Jupiter Hell
      >Caves of Qud
      >One Way Heroics +
      >Shiren Vita Port
      These are all good Roguelikes and I recommend any of them. If you want a purist Roguelike experience get either Maj’Eyal, Qud, Adom, and Cogmind. Honorable mentions is Jupiter Hell that game is absolutely a blast.

    • i love maj classes autism but the combat rots my brain and is so DAMN BORING. Is there a good way to approach it? The start was nice but after that, dungeons felt repetitive and easy

  9. Unreal World is one of my favourites and extremely simple compared to other rogue likes so if it’s your first it will help you get acclimatized and work your way up. That’s my recommendation even though it’s not on your list

    • I agree with this anon, compared to other roguelikes Unreal World is quick and easy to get into. Great if you want to get a running start!

  10. Depends what you enjoy in RPG’s there are several great free ones too. Tales of Maj’Eyal is probably my favorite roguelike just because of its mechanics. You can get it free but it’s also on steam and you get the same benefits a donator does if you buy on steam, plus there is DLC. Of the ones listed there Caves of Qud is cool but its complex and extremely not friendly to beginners. Dungeonmans is probably the best in your list of ones for newcomers. Other good games for newcomers on steam would be One Way Heroics (the original) and Dungeons of Dredmor. Jupiter Hell is new and also pretty decent for newcomers. I can recommend more free ones too, but yeah.

  11. rift wizard’s really good. i found caves of qud boring in the same way i find dwarf fortress adventure mode boring. adom you can just play for free to see if you like it. dungeonmans is boring in the same way that dredmor is boring, and the metaprogression is super grindy. don’t know anything about ananias.


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