Anyone else unironically moving away from PC gaming? Or at least don’t plan on building a new P…

Anyone else unironically moving away from PC gaming? Or at least don’t plan on building a new PC for a long time? Hear me out.

>consoles run games at 24 fps @ 720p
>cost $500
>A good PC may cost you $750
>runs games well and look noticeably better than the console version

>consoles run games at sub 60fps @ 1080p+
>cost $400
>a good PC will cost $1500 minimum, and that’s if Newegg actually graces you with the chance to buy a GPU
>barely looks better than the console version and may run as bad too if it wasn’t optimized well (spoiler alert: it wasn’t)

This shit is seriously turning me into a consolehomosexual again. Plus it doesn’t help that as I get older I enjoy gaming on a comfy couch more than a fucking desk all day.

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  1. Ganker is the wrong place to talk about this sort of thing.
    This is braindead NPC town where nobody can understand that there is always an ebb & flow to technology.
    PC Gaming was based in early 2010s because publishers did not give a fuck about the platform and just dumped their games onto Steam for literal pennies, and Nvidia/AMD were trying their hardest to sell their GPUs for as cheap as possible to get people to jump ship from Xbox 360 and PS3.
    Now, everyone has a disco fridge on their desk, splurged hundreds of dollars on new monitors, new hardware, new games ,etc. Publishers are making more money on PC than anywhere else, and now they are making scumbag business decisions like blasting their games full of DRM that destroys performance on this platform. This is the equivalent of when Xbox 360 was making money and they were trying to nickle and dime customers with online passes and such.
    Now, consoles are trying their hardest to win customers over, so they are enforcing a "Performance mode" option on games and offering a cheap alternative to PC Gaming.
    If enough people jump over, 2030s will be PC Gaming land again where games are ACTUALLY cheap as fuck again and hardware is priced nicely.

    In other words, wherever the braindead ex-Xbox360 NPCs go because their influencer overlords tell them, the platform gets corrupted. They are like the Undead in Warcraft 3, wherever they build their base the ground needs to get rotten. I shit you not, I just went on PCGamer and saw zoomers defend kernel-level anti-cheat because while we were playing Dedicated Servers they were still playing GTA3 on PS2, and later Halo 3 on Xbox.

    • sorry but console is still shit even if pc is being fucked right now. you are right in that the normies jumping ship to pc fucked it up, but still it is better in most aspects. just have to wait until they fuck off, but by then games are way worse, and scummy practices will still not matter because they already established that people are idiots and buy passes and other dlc and micrtransactions, shit’s dead those are not going away ever.

      • PC is better than consoles objectively speaking, but subjectively, I play mostly games that are still being sold in boxes on consoles, and I can get those cheap as fuck nowadays because they drop in price so quickly. New games are still cheaper on Steam, but after that they drop to 20 dollars in a matter of month on consoles if you buy physical. Steam pretty much has the same pricing as PSN nowadays since publishers now just set the same prices across all platforms. Obviously, grey market key sites still exist, but those are unreliable from my experience (got my RE8 from cdkeys rejected after two weeks of play)

  2. Honestly there aren’t that many games I can only play on PC, it stopped being about a performance/graphics difference for me a long time ago. Now it’s just "which games can I play on which system"

  3. Consoles are how games are supposed to be experienced. pc is unnatural, cold, soulless. It’s normal to want to move away from pc as that’s a platform literally made for work and not gaming. I for one refuse to support the pc gaming market and only mildly tolerate GOG.

  4. Probably won’t even need to since there hasn’t been a single game worth half a shit released in the past 3 or 4 years or don’t require powerful hardware anymore since independant games and fortnite clones are king now

  5. I just made a build with a 5600x and 3070ti for 1700. Its fantastic. I’m maxing everything out at 1440p, depending on the game its a solid 144fps or 240fps.

  6. I went from consoles to PC. PC is better in every way. Cheaper games, not having to pay to use your own internet. And the 4k is REAL 4k, it’s not checkerboarded, upscaled bullshit. Consoles were a waste of time and money, PC is just the better experience.

  7. I don’t get the rush of getting a GPU, my 1070 is still kicking and I still play PSP tier games on it
    Just what the fuck are you idiots playing?

  8. I bought a $1800 rig 2 months ago and just returned it the other day. It was cool, but I quickly learned how much I miss the ease of use and just being able to press two buttons and be back in the game. Iā€™m also attached to my big living room tv, and Iā€™m not going to put a pc in the living room.

    I realized I was perfectly happy with my consoles and decided to just go back.

  9. It depends on whether you actually play video games, or like to buy new releases to talk about them on social media and put "gamer" in your bio.
    If you’re the former, you can easily be playing games on a graphics card from several years ago on decent settings, graphics cards will last you at least five years, and you’ll have the massive library of older games that can be accessed on PC, even putting a side emulation.
    If you’re getting a console, you have the new releases, many of which aren’t worth getting, let alone at full price, and what ever games they allow you to play either through backwards compatibility, or through their virtual store. Once the new console comes out, games will stop being made for that console so you’ll need to ditch it no matter what.
    As someone who enjoys PLAYING videogames and not looking at their graphics and posting it about it on social media, I simply don’t see why I wouldn’t play on PC.

  10. my PC is like 10 years old but I’m not paying these ridiculous prices for PC components, especially since I know for a fact that they’re charging that much just because they can, fuck them.
    I’ll buy a series X or ps5 or whatever if decent games come out for new gen but there nothing worth buying a console for yet

    • I just don’t see the point in buying a $1000 GPU for a game that will look and run marginally better on PC.

      Plus it’s not like I can even if I wanted to. I haven’t won a single Newegg raffle in weeks now hence the thread.

      • I have an RTX 3080 build sitting in my living room and I haven’t touched it in weeks. I just play emulators on my shit tier workstation Covered in cigarette burns, stains and dust. Plastic is warping because the battery is about to explode.

        basically, you can play just about anything relevant with a piece of shit. It will be a long while before any games come out that are graphically intensive and worth any sort of a fuck to play.

    • That’s pretty overblown honestly. I got my PS5 months ago just by following a stock alert account on Twitter and hopping on the chance ASAP. This method got a couple of my friends a PS5 too. If anything it’s been a good filter for retards.

  11. Yeah, I moved away for several reasons.
    PCs remind me of work now, games take forever to come to PC (or never at all in some cases), games split between too many launchers, windows fucking sucks, online is full of cheaters, components are too rare to come by or way more expensive than their worth just to play a few games.
    The list just goes on and keeps growing it seems. Just doesn’t seem worth it anymore unless you absolutely need the best performance in games, but just seems not worth it anymore.

    • I feel you. I had to start working from home for obvious reasons and my body does not want to sit at the same desk I’ve been toiling on for hours. I’ll leave PC gaming for the zoomers.

  12. Yeah, built my last computer before world war 3 starts. Hopefully in 6-7 years I will be less interested in games in a general sense because I really don’t want to have anything to do with this hobby anymore. Just addicted.

  13. Console games might run better now, but that’s only because they have past gen versions of the same games. You’re also ignoring the complete lack of customization of gameplay and the terrible FoVs

    • >Console games might run better now
      The opposite seems to be the case, actually. Ever since the PS4/Xbone release consolehomosexuals have started complaining about performance issues non-stop.

      After decades of being accustomed to sub-720p/sub-30fps games, they’ve finally gotten a small taste of high resolutions/high fps gaming and they’re beginning to notice all the shitty optimization issues that PChomosexuals have been bitching about for years. I hope I don’t need to remind you people of the Stutterborne and God of Framedrops fiascos.

  14. >Or at least don’t plan on building a new PC for a long time?

    Yeah because there’s nothing new worth playing and 4k is gay


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