53 thoughts on “>arguably the best video game of all time”

  1. >Mr. Sunderland, don’t you worry. I watched half of Lost Highway in a bar last night. The sound wasn’t on, but I think I got the gist of it.

  2. SH2 is a 8/10 in my opinion
    And 75% of it is the atmosphere/music
    A genuinely scary and deep psychological experience.
    Certainly an interesting piece of vidya
    Not even close to the GOAT.
    SH1 was better, so in that case, THAT one would be the goat

  3. Making creatures represent an idea is not innovative or deep.
    Pyramid Head was only memorable for his wacky design and because he was the gameplay antagonist.
    The shooting was shit and resource management non existent due to everything being available in abundance.
    The town manifesting based on every individuals subconscious mind makes no sense at all and is completely anatopistic to the other installments where this is never mentioned.
    The maps are labyrinths and play time is stretched by running in circles solving puzzles.
    The only memorable puzzle was the safe puzzle and only because James put his hand into a shitty toilet (who shit in the toilet?).
    It´s not scary.

  4. What? There’s a pc port and the fan made enhanced edition project makes it the definitive way to play the game. They’re restored every sound and graphical effect from ps2 and enhanced everything in the UI so it isn’t blurry up scaled 480i fonts

  5. >he wasn’t alive when the game was relevant
    >he wasn’t a horror fan when the game was out
    >he didn’t buy the game when everyone told him too
    >he seethe then he cope

    I’ll just play my original copy on my ps2 with my trinitron stooge.

    • More like Ganker hates soilent hill now after finally seeing it for the garbage, poorly-written schlock Jacob’s Ladder ripoff it always was. Literal fucking equivalent of today’s snoy movie games back when it was released, it only took 30+ year old nostalgiafats fucking off from this shithole or decreasing in numbers for everyone to realize it

  6. SH1 > 2.
    Also, if you have a PC made in the past 20 years, you can play the game just fine:


    SH2 DDL:

    SH2 torrent:

    >SH2:EE project’s home page:
    >SH2:EE installation tutorial video (old!):

    >SH2 Audio Replacement mod (optional):

    SH3 DDL:

    SH3 torrent:

    SH4 DDL:

    Mount the ISOs of 2 & 3, and then run their installers like always.
    DON’T use W10’s own virtual disc app! It will not work.
    Don’t install under C:Program Files ! This will cause issues.
    The "Enhanced .EXE" is also the no-CD crack!

    The SH1 is a PS1 rip that you gotta emulate. I recommend DuckStation, but most emulators work OK as well.
    Follow the instructions on SH2 Enhanced Edition’s home page to the T, and you should be fine.
    For 3 & 4, check the Guide and PC Gaming Wiki.

    -Play in the release order.
    -Start with Normal difficulty!
    -Replaying them all is recommended; tons of replay value.
    -Turn down the ingame Brightness setting, for better gamma & colors!
    -Don’t try to kill everything that moves, especially outdoors. Leg it, or sneak!
    -Turning OFF the flashlight can really help w/ stealth!

  7. >Silent Hill 2
    >Arguably the best video game of all time
    >no way to play it except for a garbage 10 year old remaster
    Holy shit you are a retard. Ever hear of the PS2?


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