48 thoughts on “Back 4 Blood”

  1. Back 4 blood is a complete digshit game.
    Why the fuck would you not have a versus mode that made l4d popular?
    Why introduce a dogshit card system?
    Are they retarded?
    It’s not even worth the disc space if it’s free….

      • >"wow bro, welcome to our super rad festival" type of dialogue
        >le epic events that have nothing to do with racing
        >you still get rewards for finishing in last fucking place and still unlock other events
        >getting supercars in the beginning of the game making progression feel meaningless
        >fortnite dances, clothing and a bunch of garbage to unlock
        I could go on all day

  2. Yeah this killed Humble Bundle for me. I can’t even keep up with so many games to play. I’ve fallen into a good habit of completing games that are leaving by the end of the month, I’ve found some good gems doing that.

  3. Back 4 Blood is complete garbage and Forza Horizon has been the same game since the first one. Haven’t really looked at the new Halo but considering there hasn’t been a good one since Reach I don’t have high hopes.

      • It’s not free retard, you’re paying $15/month for this shit. This is my main problem with the gamepass. It’s a great business model and value, but if people excuse a bunch of shit games on there, all you will get is shit games. I’d rather pay full price and enjoy my time then play some shovelware I install and play once and never again.

        • I actually enjoy Game Pass, but you have a point. Especially for people who don’t play multiplayer games, Game Pass is full of mediocre indies and 6/10 games. I can list like, 20 games at max that are worth playing, and most of them are Yakuza entries. Phil needs more support from jap devs.

        • Games get added by the droves in it, 60$ games mind you, I’m getting way more gaming than 15$ could ever pay for.

          Also cope.

        • Indeed, PS Plus is better, if you have plus since game pass released, you will have many more AAA games that will never be removed from the library.

  4. it’s great, I’ve been using it on pc quite a bit
    might even buy a series s for my little bro since he can just play all the gamepass games


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