53 thoughts on “Batarians.”

  1. >Vanguard w/ Electronics
    >Spacer, War Hero
    >Use Any Armor Glitch
    >Equip Heavy Onyx Armor
    >Don’t give Tali the Geth Data
    >Find Wrex’s Family Armor
    >Don’t let Garrus kill Dr. Saleon
    >DON’T spend time with the Asari
    >Collect all materials for the Alliance
    >Exterminate all Alien Gangs
    >Dismantle but don’t kill Human Gangs
    >Bring Garrus and Ash on Therum
    >Be a dick to the Krogan, just cuz
    >Bring Tali and Ash on Feros
    >Save the Colonists on Feros
    >Rebuild the Colony on Feros
    >Save the Miners on Asteroid X-57
    >Bring Wrex and Garrus on Noveria
    >Play Inspector Anoleis and Lorik Q’uinn against each other
    >Put Parasini in a position of power over aliens
    >Swap Garrus with Liara
    >Cure the Outbreak on Peak 15
    >Exterminate the Rachni
    >Bring Garrus and Wrex on Virmire
    >Kill Wrex for drawing on you
    >With Wrex gone, take Liara
    >Send Ashley with the Salarians, Kaidan with the Bomb
    >Do Kirrahe’s side missions
    >Save Ash and the Salarians
    >Bring Garrus and Liara to Ilos
    >Let the Council Die!


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