51 thoughts on “Behold the 2nd best Nintendo Villain”

  1. He’s basically the ganondorf of Metroid except he’ll only make one appearance. Kind of a shame to be honest, if they wanted him to have a bigger impact they probably should’ve connected him to Samus’s previous adventures or didn’t kill him off entirely in dread.
    I’ll agree with other anons in that his motivation is uninspired but could’ve been touched upon. I wish dread had reading logs you could discover and interact with optionally like in Halo 3.:get more lore and perhaps even more images, like the chozo memories in Samus returns.
    His design is great, I like the silver armor he has, not is much his red lights which just scream "I am the a villain". Cape and decorations are fine and offer a nice color contrast to the rest of his appearance.

  2. Is this the first time we see a Chozo in action with power armor? I know the manga, but it’s cool to finally see a Chozo wearing Samus’s armor as they supposedly did.

  3. We just gonna never talk about how and why Raven Beak kidnapped Kraid? The hell he wanted with him, the fat lard didn’t doing anything wrong? More importantly, how the hell did he capture him? I didnt see any Mawkin fucks in Zebes, and by the end of Super it blows up.

  4. Motivation: F Tier. Total shit, to be honest.

    Fight & Mechanics: S Tier. Challenges reflexes and skills that you learned from playing the game. Fun and not frustrating to fight against.

    • >Motivation: F Tier. Total shit, to be honest.
      Nonsense. Having an army of energy draining Samus that all call you "daddy" to conquer the galaxy is the best motivation a man can hold

  5. Raven Beak is a fucking dumb ass.
    >X wipe out his people
    >leads Samus to where he by some fraction of luck managed to get them sealed off and she breaks in releasing them all over the planet.
    Really he spent too much of the game pretending to be Adam cause that plan sounds like something Adam would have done.

  6. Raven Beak is honestly one of the best final bosses in recent memory for me. He’s such a great fight and send off to the Metroid saga. I also love how he recontextualizes the entirety of Dread regarding your convos with Adam.

    • >*cough* uh Samus. That Raven Beak guy is SUPER powerful. And Skilled. and handsome. You can’t compete with that kind of Adonis.

    • >I also love how he recontextualizes the entirety of Dread regarding your convos with Adam.
      did you also love how he didn’t get any development whatsoever and literally only showed up in person twice? you loved how instead of being cool he spent the entire game pretending to be an emotionless robot that repeats the item descriptions back to you?

  7. All Metroid villains are trash.
    Here’s a better list of Nintendo villains:

    >Dr. Robotnik Tier
    King K. Rool, Arvis
    >High Tier
    King DeDeDe, Edelgard
    >Mid Tier
    Bowser, Ashnard
    >Low Tier
    Ganon, Nergal
    >Shit Tier
    Ridley, Mother Brain, Dark Samus, Raven Beak, Validar

  8. Look I’ve been a tendie for like 23 years and love metroid dread heavy focus on gameplay, but the story and the villain were kinda trash.


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