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  1. I remember when I had this pc with XP I could play warcraft 3 and sims 2 without so much problem, but when I upgraded to windows 7 I couldn’t do shit.

    • 7 is not that far removed from XP. Weird. Hard to believe either a compatibility mode/turning off Aero or a certain driver wouldn’t do it. Shrug.

      • From a technical perspective, you might be right, I wouldn’t know. From a user perspective, I think a lot of us give Win 7 more credit than it deserves. Vista was such a dumpster fire compared to XP, that when 7 came around, it looked good compared to Vista. I think this is why my own memories of 7 were rather fond, but after going back to XP recently I’ve realized that XP was even better than I had remembered and 7 seems pretty shitty in comparison.

        • 7 runs newer and more applications than XP while breaking hardly anything once you throw Aero out. The only reasons to use XP in favor of 7 are performance on CPU cycle and RAM starved builds and proper soundcard acceleration. 8 and beyond’s compatibility issues lie in forced DWM and slowly marching away from legacy DirectX support and mark the real rot.

      • its still like tossing a coin. Ive tried more game than I can remember and its always something stupid that hinders the experience when I try XP games on 7 or 10
        >random crashes
        >save errors
        >mouse acceleration too fast/slow
        >keys double click
        >broken menus

        • I’ve just resorted to having the works on hand when it comes to retro PC games. OTVDM, Dgvoodoo, and Nglide natively. PCem for 98, VMware for XP, and an old P4 with 98 and XP installed. No real reason to have the old P4, really, I can get anything to work on my PC with enough will power. I just wanted to do it. Descent 3 is a bit of a fucker, though. I can get it to run but it’s always a bit… off, on 10 and VMware. Fine on the old PC in ’98 though.

          • I keep an XP machine for work purposes that can also game but I’m always worried some of the hardware might fail eventually. The fan on my GT 9800 is starting to get reeeeel noisy.

        • This is my problem as well. Some games just never run 100% no matter what. Very often there are at least little annoying glitches or random crashes. Even when you’re not completely sure the problem is directly related to the OS, the uncertainty alone can be frustrating because you don’t know if you should continue wasting your time fucking around on sites like pcgamingwiki or if it’s a dead end.

  2. i mostly associate gaming on pc with one of three things
    >the random games i used to play on my mom’s windows 98
    beyond that ive mostly had laptops which arent great to play most games on so i just never gave a shit. like the only pc game i have a serious attachment to besides TF2 is rollercoaster tycoon

    • >not playing Diablo 2 PvP, Quake 3 dm, C&C Renegade in 64 player battles,l or begging for zeny and flirting with autistic girls on Ragnarok Online
      you missed out.

    • >TF2
      I played so god damn much of that game. I’ve tried going back to it a few times over the last year and it really just isn’t the same anymore.

  3. >your system isn’t currently ready for win 11
    >r5 2600 with 16gb
    Kay. Does this mean you won’t keep hassling me to upgrade?

    • Probably. Microsoft basically locked themselves out with this so they probably won’t drill down on people as a result.

      I got it running on a Xeon platform from 2007 so it ain’t a hardware thing at all. It’s just about TPM and Secure Boot but because they tied those attributes to certain CPU generations, even if you enable them on an "incompatible" CPU you can’t install it (like my 7700K).

      I’ll figure it out, whatever, they can’t stop me…

      • It’s pretty retarded. I just know that garbage ‘new’ laptops with half as much power as your 7700k or my 2600 will work with no questions asked lol.

  4. Yume Nikki, Cave Story, Knytt Stories, Nethack, MUGEN, random RPG Maker and GameMaker games, Unreal Tournament 2004… I have lots of good memories with XP.

    • >Soldat
      >Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
      >Gunz: The Duel
      >Trackmania Nations
      >Little Fighter 2 with Dragon Ball skins
      F2P multiplayer games on PC were the shiznit.

      • >Wolfenstein: enemy territory
        Fuck that brings me back.
        >roomates dad is a programmer so he has a gaming PC for college
        >dial up but its fast for the time
        >full lobbies all hours of the day

        That’s one of the few games that just feels better on XP

      • Why emulate when you can run natively with less lag on the same machine? It’s not a good game but Super Puzzle Fighter’s PC version bombed in XP but worked in 9x in recent memory. It’s just not 100% compatible. You want both 98 and XP installed.

    • I tried to install ’98 on one of my early’ 00 laptops last weekend and it was a massive pain. Just finding drivers for everything was quite a task. I even had to locate drivers for my USB stick and burn them to a CD and install them that way just to use that USB stick. Even after all the drivers were installed, the system still wasn’t working quite right for some reason. I might try again in the future on an older system.

      • What laptop? I have a few 98 laptops that I use for different games. I can help.
        Also make sure to visit vogons and Phil’s computer lab.

          • https://download.lenovo.com/lenovo/content/ddfm/R31.html
            Should have everything you need. You’re using a legit bootleg 98SE and not some unofficial service pack third edition bullshit release right?

          • I don’t remember. I may have use some unofficial bullshit thinking it would make the process easier. When I try again I’ll use an official copy of 98SE. Right now the R31 is running XP and has some old educational games my 6yo daughter plays. I also picked up a T40 recently. Once I get the T40 running with XP (hopefully by this weekend) I’ll transfer her games over and then give 98SE another shot on the R31. There are a few 3.1/95/98 games I haven’t been able to run on XP that I want 98 for.

          • >I also picked up a T40 recently.
            Look for T42, 15" flexview IPS 1440×1050. With Pentium M 755 2GHz, 2 gigs of DDR, mSata SSD in a IDE-msata convertor and Radeon 9600m it’s a beast of a retro gaming laptop. It also runs Win98, WinXP and Win7 perfectly, and AT THE SAME TIME with a triple boot setup.

            Also there is a T42p, with FireGL T2 128mb instead of Radeon 9600m 64mb. In 15" version it has a 1600×1200 IPS screen, but it’s kinda slow for fast games. Still it’s a beast. 14" version has a 1440×1050 TN panel which is fine for games. And it’s 30% smaller than 15" model.

          • I actually have 2 T40 laptops. One is in beautiful condition but is bios locked and so far I’ve been unable to unlock it. I’m wondering if I can easily swap a T42 mobo into it.

      • ’ems the breaks if you wanna hardware homosexual in PCland. I got a good 98/XP dual boot going and I dread when/if I need to redo the installs, partitioning, drivers, etc. I have a backup but I bet it’ll fuck up on me too.

      • 98 doesn’t have USB mass storage drivers, hence the need to download 3rd party drivers. This is what using old computers is like.

      • The nice thing is, once its done you just burn everything on a disk to make it easier on yourself next time.

        Once you get everything packaged and saved, then burn and save it to make it easy on yourself in case you have to do it again.


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