45 thoughts on “besides emulation what would be the best way to replay games from the ps2 and gamecube? Is the Retro…”

  1. I had fun getting an old ass CRT. It only has an RF port, so had to order an adapter from fucking Spain.

    My old GameCube memory card had become corrupted, so I got a new big ass one (2000 blocks).

    I found a Gameboy Player without the start up disc.

    Finally I went to a friends house so we could use his Wii to add the Wimd Waker hack, use Swiss and GBI. It is very comfy.

  2. CRT with component input.
    Component cable for all 3 (PS2,GC, Xbox).
    I also would recommend a Wii instead of a GC, because of the full retro with GC and you can buy a affordable component cable for it.

  3. I got a moded slim. Easiest modding i’ve ever done. Just get a fmcb card from amazon. Then i got all my games in usb connected to a router and I play them through smb.

    • You gotta mix and match

      I prefer CRT. The only issue I have is some slight overscan.

      >runs on settings a blind man could see are shit
      >can’t take decent pics
      >can’t rotate pics
      lol, CRThomosexuals, every time

  4. i’ve been emulating on pcsx2 with a 14in CRT lately and my eyes hurt when playing after just a few hours
    i don’t know if it has something to do with the emulation or i just got older because i don’t remember getting this fucked up from CRT when i was a kid

  5. bros, I’m afraid to pirate games because I already got in trouble with my ISP once and I need internet to do my job. is it retarded to buy a dvd ripper just to play my PS2 games with beautiful upscaling and CRT filters on PC?

      • I did. I’m not sure exactly what happened, it’s possible I turned it off accidentally while seeding. Either way, I can’t risk it because this is the only internet in this area with speeds I need.

          • ?I did use torrents and I did use a VPN. I got one warning from my ISP and if it happens against I get disconnected. I’m not risking that to get PS2 games for free.

          • Right, I said learn how to use Torrents, not just fucking torrent will nilly. Retard.
            If you don’t want to do that, find single links to files.

          • whatever the fuck you did
            Btw it’s not the trackers and shit, it’s the profile of your internet usage that makes them assume you’re torrenting.

          • lol I was just joking but yeah I was wondering if it was trackers. they specifically knew what file I had downloaded though so I think I was just an idiot who turned off my VPN while I had my client open.

          • That’s 100% what happened and you could say it is due to the tracker but in truth all big public trackers have popular releases being monitored by copyright enforcement groups

          • >Btw it’s not the trackers and shit, it’s the profile of your internet usage that makes them assume you’re torrenting
            Kek this is not at all true

  6. For that gen the best is component cables but the prices can get pretty high depending on the console. Looking at you Xbox hueg

  7. >gamecube
    I just bought some HDMI/digital output adapter for my GC (think it’s called a Carby?), doesn’t look bad at all. Depending on the model GC You have, there is a digital port. Alternatively, the Wii can play GC games (depending on model) but only has composite cables but I think there are adapters as well.

    Emulation is obviously way cheaper, but I like the feel of sitting at the tv and I already had the systems and games.

  8. I ordered a PS2 Slim last week which I plan to connect to my 4K TV using component cables. If your TV has the ports, component is the way to go with a PS2. Should arrive in a couple of days.

  9. Not a meme, both the retrotink and OSSC work very well for what they are.
    But simply plugging in to a CRT with the genuine hardware like in your pic is always the best way to do it.

    • >But simply plugging in to a CRT with the genuine hardware like in your pic is always the best way to do it.
      how come? Does it have to do with scanlines?

      • CRTs have extremely low response time even the old as fuck ones your grandma used since it’s literally a beam being manipulated. You can’t replicate the feel with LCDs as pixels can’t refresh fast enough. Only recently they’ve been getting fast on PC with 300+ hz monitors.

      • games were made for CRTs and some don’t translate well when latency is added
        Space Channel 5 is barely playable unless you have a display with a 1ms response time


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