55 thoughts on “big if true”

  1. >Ahriman created the push for the techonolgy
    >Now devs can change the course of the history
    Now i understand of Snowden was talking about

    • Watching sports is pathetic.
      Getting excited because advertisement A defeated advertisement B is peak homosexualry.
      Same as porn, or streamers.

    • Everyone thinks they’re the victim, they suffer most, they’re the most underappreciated, they’re the most oppressed, blah, blah, blah

      Look at this place. How much time to people around here spend whining about how they’re treating like "second class citizens" in gaming?

  2. but dev is just short for developer
    whats the latin word for developer? cultus
    how would romans write it? CVLTVS
    which means developers are ?

  3. if some random act of the actual God caused Scott Alexander to lose his twitter account, he’d commit suicide. Would not worship.

  4. >hey this word that looks like this in a dead language is written this way in another language which is the same way we spell the shortened version of this word
    >they are literally the same!
    Really reaching for this connection

  5. >I’m like God because I programmed a ramp instead of stairs and the subway system I created ex nihilo is a bunch of people with buses on their heads.


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