57 thoughts on “>Biggest tournament of the year”

  1. Chinese stream got 6 million. In game spectating has hundred thousand watching. Russian stream yesterday had almost 2 million watching on twitch alone. Westerners don’t make up the only viewers.

  2. >LoL supposedly has 10 times the amount of players as DotA
    >tournament season comes about
    >DotA’s ratio of viewers clearly beating LoL considering the amount of twitch shilling Tencent does
    >each year the cream of the crop in lol tournament jump ship to dota once they see the esteem and cash rewards
    >League of Legends has quite literally become the potemkin village of videogames
    >shills will either ignore this post out of cope, or are literally held at financial gunpoint to defend their shitty game destroying the brains of children


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