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    • NG2 for Xbox was a damn fine follow up. But you could tell they lost something in the process. The story was nearly nonexistent compared to a pretty decent one in NG1. The later part of NG2 seemed to really lose focus too. I remember one of the final missions was literally just a boss rush of all the former bosses you had fought before. Except like 2x of them so more difficult. The last boss was also weird as shit, I think one of the phases was a giant baby.

      • >boss rush of all the former bosses you had fought before
        Nah. You just fought them in pair in 1 level as opposed to each boss having own dedicated chapter. Only 1 boss (Genshin) gets new shit. All 5 greater fiends are mostly the same with minions added

          • >You had to fight 2 of those lava armadillo things
            Kek, forgot about them.
            >And fight that black fire demon guy within the same level
            And the wolf guy paired with centaurs. And then it is just lightning homosexual, demon Genshin/big titty blood lady and Rasputin/baby archiefiend/mature archfiend

          • That seems pretty boss rushy to me. NG1 just paced the end of the game better instead of just throwing repeated bosses at you.

          • >That seems pretty boss rushy to me.
            Eh, you still have to fight through minions in chapters 12-13. While the final chapter is pretty much a glorified boss rush with 5 bossfights and only 2 encounters with lesser enemies (don’t count red fish cringe)

  1. >mfw going from all the DMC to this
    >chaining orb charged attacks with ninpos
    >flying swallow
    >inazuma drop catching a sneaky homosexual with splash damage
    >chaining wall runs
    >the weight to the jump
    DMC is a combo game, but holy fuck do you need to know how to kill shit ASAP.
    I appreciate the fuck out of Sigma, even if it’s not black. It’s so chunky.
    Only on mission 5 of 1, but I hear a lot of shit about 3. I’m curious to see how it plays.

    • DMC and Ninja Gaiden strive for completely different things. Why the fan base were always at eat other’s throats was literal surface level console war shit. Both series are great.

      • They are, DMC is empowerment through juggling and trying to never touch the ground.
        NG is empowerment through positioning, making a hit count and knowing how to utilize your moveset.

        The only comparable thing I suppose is the positioning (moreso back to DMC 1).

      • >What boss do you consider shit, and why
        Literally first bosses aka horse guy, electric fatman, re reject with tentacles, bonedinosaur in ng blacked
        Ng2 had even worse bossroster and rematches with only difference being minions which are more dangerous than boss itself kek
        >Genshin1: 1 v 1 no is scrotes on normal
        >Genshin 2: WB spam fest
        >Genshin 3: 1 v 1 same attacks, literally nothing have changed


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