60 thoughts on “Can’t beat Starmie”

  1. >psychic
    >only weakness bugged
    >no damage moves from other weakness
    >counter is dual-type with a weakness to you

    What the fuck were they thinking?

  2. that Starmie should have had
    Surf / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt

    Put the player up against something that his ALL starters super effective

  3. >people suggesting Bellsprout and Oddish
    >When starmies special stat is through the roof and tanks the grass hits anyways

    • Oddish and Bellsprout win from Starmie unless it gets extremely lucky with the crits

      Bellsprout more damage than Starmie and Oddish has absorb recovery

      also both of them learn sleep powder

      unless you’re an idiot of course and go in with a lv 14 oddish

  4. Just go catch a bellsprout/oddish bro

    This is by far the hardest gym in the series for everyone who picked Charmander as the only four water resists in the game up to that point are Magikarp, Paras, Bellsprout, and Oddish. Don’t feel bad.

    • Brock for Yellow is also terrible. You have to go catch a nidoran and teach it kick which means grinding it to like level 12 or whatever

      • Yellow has Mankey prior to Viridian Forest. Butterfree also creams Brock as neither of his pokemon have any rock moves. So that’s four pokemon that easily beat Brock counting the Nidos. Yellow also makes it easier to beat Misty because the game gives you a free Bulbasaur.

    • >not abusing leech seed/toxic
      >not using a guaranteed crit slash setup
      >not freezing all the other pokemon and laughing as they never thaw out

      • leech seed + toxic is a meme, switching out even makes turn toxic into normal poison
        Persian is the best slasher in the game but lacks the atk required to actually be effective, plus since slash is already a crit, you can rely on a lucky crit to get extra damage like Tauros can with Body Slam/Hyper Beam

      • Not at all, Tauros is easily the best late game sweeper, his speed is key in securing a crazy crit rate plus makes his combo of Body Slam + Hyper Beam stupidly good considering he can 2HKO most of the tier, he is insanely hard to revenge kill. Snorlax is always guaranteed to go last, and that’s a big liability, still Snorlax has a strong argument for 2nd best mon.


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