Actual news outlet reports girl was virtually raped in GTA V News outlet claims modders are hackers, and they're "staging violent attacks" in Grand Theft Auto. Evidence: a crazy female games journo.

Reading the following post on the GameSpot forums had my troll senses tingling:

Because today at work I overheard a 50 year old woman talking to someone about the GTAV ban saying she had been in a heated discussion the night before with her son about the game and how ”you can rape women”.

Now I’ve completed this game on PS3 (and own it on PS4) and can’t remember one instance of being able to rape anybody. This women spoke about the game as if the whole point of GTA was to rape and kill women.

I asked her if she had played the game which she responded ”No” but I got interrupted before I could debate her further.

But now a real news outlet — unless you subscribe to the notion that the entire nation of Canada is a great satire — CityNews Toronto, has reported on this. They’ve even involved police and got a games journalist to speak out about her horrible GTA V virtual rape.

With every other sentence in the exasperated “exploding vans“-like news report being absolute comedy gold like “online they can take your character, lock them in place — have made their character pants-less — and then can simulate sexual assault with your character and you are helpless to stop it,” the video has of course quickly gone viral.

“The graphics are so good this attack is eerily realistic, but this is VIRTUAL RAPE.”

Update: Sam Maggs has since been made an assistant writer at BioWare.

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