*clears throat*

*clears throat*

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    • A couple days ago two people tested positive so everyone got masks for precautions to prevent a potential large scale breakout among all staff and players

    • Vax does nothing, everyone has to wear masks regardless. Don’t tell me you thought things would go back to normal did you?

  1. League is better.

    I will play Dota 2 when they remove turn rates, uphill/downhill shit, buyback and rebalance the absurd range on spells i.e blink dagger from 3 screens away etc…

    and also when 99% of the players aren’t russians.

    • 1st kill is just aegis
      2nd kill is aegis and aghs shard
      3rd kill is aegis, cheese and either aghs or refresher shard
      4th kill and up is aegis, cheese aghs and refresher shard

  2. >bugmen lose 2017
    >bugmen lose 2018 despite chinese even number "curse"
    >bugmen not even in 2019 finals
    >bugmen’s kung flu cancels 2020
    >bugmen lose 2021 to a bunch of literal who slavs

  3. Wow chinese fans are vocal about the TI10 finals and they are not happy. Theyre discontented with the way the series is going and the whole chinese te getting BTFO at ANOTHER TI final and not winning a TI since TI6 thing. I guess they were holding out hope for a china numba wan route. There’s even a petition that’s garnered thousands of signatures to have the series score changed. Obviously that wont happen but it shows how unhappy they are.

  4. >don’t ban magnus
    >lose two games
    >ban magnus
    >win two games
    >don’t ban magnus
    >lose last game and tournament
    what is wrong with china?


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