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    • So how is your game going?
      (+270 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-07-17 04:29:14:

      Знаете ли вы?
      Самцы косатки, обитающие в Британской Колумбии, всю жизнь живут с мамой.
      Картина парада Победы, где руководство страны смещено на задний план, получила Сталинскую премию.
      Битву русских дружин и монголо-татар возле леса отмечают сразу в трёх селениях.
      Не удержавшись от писательства, Амалия Кахана-Кармон создала одну из важнейших книг в истории Израиля.
      Русские мечтали о шапке-невидимке, а древние греки — о кольце невидимости.


    • Solo GameDev is Predictably Hard.

      > Been rapid prototyping different 3D combat and movement systems in spare time for a couple of months.
      > Find something I like.
      > Work hard for a couple of months consistently to build something fun.
      > Brainstorm and get awesome game ideas from Ganker that shits on the original.

      (+1 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-04-30 15:50:02:

      Hey OP, can you give us a link to the game once it’s published or atleast the dev log?

    • How do I make my own game from scratch? (no Unity, UE)

      Ok Ganker, how do I make my own game ? I’m not talking about using Unity, UE or stuff like that. I want to make a game like from scratch.

      I’ve been getting around to learning programming and cs for the last couple years but the basic concepts necessary to make a game are totally over my head.

      (+22 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-22 18:05:41:

      from itertools import…

      when I see this python shit I automatically throw their resume in the trash

    • How do you get a software dev job if you’re autistic?

      >be me
      >be computer science student
      >lots of finished projects on github (stuff I made on my own, not homework assignments)
      >good knowledge of software development
      >have social anxiety and autism
      >bad "soft skills"

      (+31 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-22 15:11:36:

      How much does recruitment pay?

    • post your billionaire game idea

      post your billionaire game idea

      (+44 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-22 00:16:54:

      School shooting co-op but it’s AAA in graphics and 100% stable.

    • Aesthetics of Game Design Thread – Items and Equipment

      So, I was sorting my image folders today and an idea came into my head that I got the urge to try and discuss here.

      Basically I’m wondering everyone’s thoughts on character models and how they change or don’t depending on the items/equipment you put on them.

      – Do you feel that a game has a stronger or weaker aesthetic if you can customize the way your character/party looks?

      – Should more games that allow you to customize your character have Aesthetic Slots that allow you to equip armor/items just for looks with actual stat boosting equipment underneath.

      – Do you like customization at all?

      (+19 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-20 03:53:42:
    • How would you make AI for RTS?

      How would you make AI for RTS?

      (+23 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-19 00:39:04:

      There is plenty of strategy in Starcraft, you’re just bad at it. It’s in the gently caressing name. If it’s "real-time" then there has to be some element of micro involved or TIME is not a factor. If you want to play a strategy game, play a strategy game like civilization or whatever.
      RTS died because of World of Warcraft. WoW is a million times more profitable so Warcraft 4 never became a thing. most people prefer MMO or shooters

    • Multiverse Royal : allstar fighting

      Me and a friend are working on a game, its basicly tekken but with characters from other games and weebshit we’re into. We’re thinking about having a human sized eva unit 001 be playable, but we’re not sure if thats going to look jaring or not. What do yall think?

      (+45 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-18 16:43:44:

      Never watched that

      Just do what TvC did and have giants as their own characters vs humans.

      001 is the only character we’re considering that would be big enough to warent that

    • Video games as technology

      Can video games be technology? Are there any video games doing cool shit like supposedly pic related or is it all a joke, has a game ever impressed you?

      (+12 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-18 08:55:37:

      Anon! Dev a game of your dream!

    • Visual studio 2017 vs 2019

      Visual studio 2017 vs 2019

      Which is better for C++?

      (+25 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-17 04:59:00:

      >unironically using pre-C++11 C++
      >unironically using Microsoft’s pre-C++11 compiler

    • Software Development Projects

      Been working on making games with unity for the past year. C# is my main language so far and I’ve touched java a few times before when i just started to learn programming but didn’t get serious until a year ago. Going to college in 6 months for Computer Science. Doing research I’m pretty sure banking on a game development job isn’t safe.. What i also hear
      CS + no experience = Get gently caressed
      CS + 2 yrs Experience = Gd jb security + $
      CS + Strong portfolio and dedication = maybe a job for shit pay

      (+6 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-17 03:27:44:

      To OP:
      See the "indiepocalypse". A spanish youtuber explained that most indies dont are succesful, mainly because bad marketing and bad releasing time (ex: when a new game goes viral)

      Hope this helps, good luck!

    • Are there any boomers here who can explain how programming without internet connection was like?

      Are there any boomers here who can explain how programming without internet connection was like?
      I imagine development time being much longer and encountered problems more frustrating.

      (+72 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-16 07:01:55:

      Dumb ass boomers in this thread think the internet ruined programming cause you used to have to memorize shit. Software was shit because boomers who only knew the stuff they knew directly couldn’t do anything new or learn anything without spending $100 on a book.

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