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    • Who's still playing WoW Classic?

      Who still plays this

      (+121 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-27 04:39:10:

      >Several dozen thousand people. My server alone (German PVP) has over 5k active accounts daily
      >5k nazis leveling gnomes in elwynn forest
      This actually sounds kind of appealing

    • blizzard can’t design good sets anym-

      blizzard can’t design good sets anym-

      (+7 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-26 23:55:39:

      >Blizz design was always power rangers
      gee what tipped it off
      could it be some of the initial actual item sets being bright gently caressing purple with gold trim?
      or maybe the fact that every race uses the same shirts so your QT3.14 elf qrrl is wearing the same bra and panties as BIG MOTHERFUCKING COW BRO who just stretches the texture over his model at roughly 4.2x the size of hers?

      good gently caressing grief. like pointing out the obvious makes you gently caressing clever or something

    • Which expansion had the best dungeons?

      What was the expansion with the best dungeons and why was Cataclysm

      (+7 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-26 23:26:45:

      Legion dungeons were pretty comfy for M+
      BfA are mechanically more complex and challenging
      I like both

    • Why did everyone stop playing vanilla WoW?

      Why did everyone stop playing? What happened?

      (+228 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-26 10:09:49:

      Leveling is kino at least until 50. It was charming the slowness of it. Being able to really love every ding you got.

      But after your first character the charm in that regard dies pretty much.

      The game is perfectly designed in a way for your first main character.

      Replay-ability is shit though. Hence why WoW evolved itself to have features that made replay-ability possible such as heirlooms and LFG.

    • Asmondgold once said WoW created a lot of "gamers" who only play WoW

      In other words, WoW attracts non-gamer gamers, people who otherwise wouldn’t be playing games, or would be playing casual games when bored.
      Is that true?

      (+31 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-25 09:05:07:

      It’s all about the music. I never played WoW but after my friend convinced me to try I made a draenei and fell in love.

    • >tfw starting to enjoy farming

      >tfw starting to enjoy farming things in games by myself instead of doing group activiy and actually playing the game

      its happening to me isint it?

      (+5 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-25 02:29:41:

      get away before you find some enjoyable podcasts to listen to while you’re doing some hand fiddling

    • Zoomers killed WoW Classic
      (+37 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-22 10:37:14:

      phase 2 roaming pvp was glorious. if there was some way that the game maintained a 50/50 split on factions and just excluded instanced bg’s… all the crying, all the ABSOLUTE HATRED bottled into a 6 week running battle across the world. so much fun. how god awful it must have been for the masses that should have rolled on a pve server. now they have their own little sheltered sandbox and they’ve found some way to avoid all fighting while getting rewarded.

    • Is WOW dying?

      Is WOW dying?

      Archived kotaku article:

      (+402 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-22 02:39:03:

      You mean like the last level of the same gently caressing game Warcraft 3?

    • You said things like this would never happened during vanilla!

      >Decided to check wow classic
      >People already sell raid runs and shit
      But you said things like that would never happened during vanilla!

      (+41 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-19 16:27:32:

      no in classic not being an exceedingly geared fury warrior, frost mage, sub rogue or shadow priest means that you suck.
      Forget about playing Paladins, Hunters and Druids unless you like being used for 1 mediocre talent.

    • Why doesn’t WoW have a level sync like FF14?

      Why doesn’t WoW have a level sync like FF14?

      I want to play old dungeons and raids again with others

      (+11 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-18 23:21:24:

      Why doesn’t WoW give you rewards for continued subs like FFXIV?

    • WoW

      >"Hey stranger. Buy a lady a drink? … What? Just one? Seriously?"

      (+87 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-18 10:41:06:

      >Available to Mag’Har orcs that have been opressed by zealous draenei that forced them to follow the light.
      Aren’t they the ones who get stuck in the doomed AU Draenor while rest make their way to Azeroth?

    • So now that the dust has settled, what caused Classic WoW to fail?
      (+48 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-18 01:30:41:

      >people raidlog
      >people poopsock ranks
      >battlegrounds are frustrating because of premades and missing systems like time limits, buffs on generals or flag carrier dmg increase
      >people play other games while they wait for raids
      >raidnights are fun
      >pvp is a shitshow

      it is unironically exactly as it was back then
      I raidlogged for a whole year back then because I did no have internet at home and my friends would play cs or ns throughout the week as well until one of them started to rank
      the whole idea of people playing everyday is a modern thing with all the retarded systems like ap or azerite and people mixed their memory of the post dailies wow with classic

      classic is fine and every raid will bring back people for some time up until naxx where a lot of people will say gently caress it and just wait for tbc servers

    • So, how are you enjoying 8.3, world of warcraft players?

      So, how are you enjoying 8.3, world of warcraft players?

      (+150 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-18 00:30:10:

      >loot not dropping
      >some items are so insanely unbalanced, one specific piece of loot can increase your DPS 10x at least
      >people are killing Mythic bosses in 2 minutes if their guild had good luck with these unbalanced items
      >music randomly stuttering in old zones
      >achievements not working, personally can’t unlock mechagnomes even having completed the achievement
      >random dungeon freezes, locks you in place until you restart
      >auction house deleting player gold, some have literally lost millions of gold
      >visual bugs, random flickering all over the place
      >literally unplayable on Mac’s, hard crash every time (lmao who cares)
      >super lag in open world
      >world quests reappearing after completion meaning you can do them infinitely
      >random automated bans for players who din do nuffin wrong
      >weekly chests not being so weekly, some people have farmed hundreds with no punishment
      >shitty furry race, yiff yiff

      These are just SOME of the issues, let that sink in

    • >wow classic is dead

      >wow classic is dead

      (+3 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-17 05:02:59:

      Classic is dead. Just look at the AV rooms. Not even 100 are available at the same time. This means not even 4k people are playing the game. Even if you argue “MUH NOT ALL PEOPLE DO AV” then classic has maybe 10k people online at the same time. Blizzard won’t release any numbers because the game is dead. I literally know no person who plays anymore and I quit a long time ago.

      Just accept it that Blizzard killed wow and classic has so many problems like
      >no open world pvp possible because the servers are shit
      >shit spell batching
      >A LOT of minor changes (No changes btw…)
      >a lot of bugs like the dungeon raid farming bug in the most important first few weeks (all “world first” losers abused it)
      >sharding destroyed the most important beginning of wow

      Also the community went to shit
      >PvP server are a no go. Horde no shoes are camping you 10:1. Also all those players who said “ONLY PVP SERVER ARE THE REAL VANILLA EXPERIENCE” are the same people who only do dungeons to level and never do anything in the open world
      >the whole community either consists of people who never talk to anyone outside their guild or only do dungeons the spell cleave style
      >no friendliness at all. Normies left a long time ago and the last few autists don’t realize that “loot council”, “mandatory requirements”, “mandatory farming op potions and other stuff” are the reason everyone who isn’t a normie and got to 60 has already left if he isn’t a turbo autist.

      Classic is simply officially dead because only a few autists are left. In classic are zero normies, zero women (expect some trannies and guild master gfs who don’t really play the game and are more or less just raid logging), and zero cool people left. Not even poor fags are there because of $15 each month. The only people left are literally a few losers who are to autistic to stop playing for some arbitrage reason.

    • >Even less content than WoD >let’s release store mount

      >Even less content than WoD, with 8.3 being massive disappointment
      >let’s release store mount
      I just don’t understand blizzard

      (+497 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-17 04:17:25:

      Yeah, that’s the most hilarious thing. WoW faggots trash WoW all day long but suddenly white knight the shit out of it when it’s compared to a better game,

    • Wotlk kids unironically defending:

      Wotlk kids unironically defending:
      >Cutting 2 raids, Gundrak and Utgarde Keep
      >Moving Argent Crusade main base from crystalsong forest, leaving zone literally empty
      >Butchering nerub zone
      >Making Anu’barak just a boss in low level dungeon
      >killing all out world content, so people would never leave capital

      (+25 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-16 08:21:28:

      Only because of fan reaction to his death in the dungeon.

      Ner’zhul didn’t get such treatment though

    • Why is tanking in WoW so boring?

      Why is tanking in WoW so boring?

      (+9 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-15 21:28:54:

      >i sure like not reading
      I said the tank sets the pace. Not the faggot healer. If the healer is low on mana its the tanks job to stop and let him regen.

    • Why do wow players seem so desperate for Anduin to be gay? Why do fans of things feel the need to se…

      Why do wow players seem so desperate for Anduin to be gay? Why do fans of things feel the need to sexualize everything and corrupt it?

      (+16 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-15 16:47:02:

      This, faction leaders and important characters are boring, they already killed half of them anyways. Let warcraft be about a literally who that is fighting it’s way in the world, like it was in vanilla, how can it be this hard.

      But no, you are the gently caressing champion of the light one shoting old gods with a spaceship and shit, golden you are gently caressing hack.

    • You can’t play WoW if there isn’t some reward you want. The game itself isn’t enough.

      Unless you want some arbitrary reward that Blizzard made you want (locked behind grinds + time gates), like playing Vulpera, or getting a rare mount, or even getting an achievement to feel like you’re better than those who don’t have it.

      But the game/gameplay itself? It’s not the thing that makes you want to subscribe, log in or play.

      So if you don’t give a shit about those things, today’s WoW is no longer a good game. Not the story nor the gameplay or any other aspect of the game is actually "fun".

      (+5 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-15 16:28:24:

      I agree. I just regret spending money on this liquid shit.

    • Stormwind on retail EU, new patch day, "full" server

      A "full" server mind you. Sure, it’s just 4 PM, many haven’t come back from work yet. But it’s not exactly an hour where the server should be totally empty.

      2 days ago I checked out a vanilla private server, Kronos. Wanted to see how populated it was after classic came out.

      This really reminded me of that.

      (+11 replies)
      Last reply at 2020-01-15 15:05:01:

      scale down your ui

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