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Would you like to spend all day playing videogames, eat lavish foods, and hang out with beautiful people? Would you like an open forum to share your superior knowledge of all things vidya game, putting forth little to no effort and getting paid butt-loads of cash for it? Yes? Well, so would we, but that doesn’t happen here.

If you enjoy covering videogame related content by conducting interviews, contributing reviews and previews, and keeping readers up to date on the latest news and rumors, then Ganker might have a spot for an amazingly gifted and sexy individual such as yourself.

We are looking for those with a passion for gaming and the blogging medium. If you find that your strength is your witty sense of humor, run with it like a pair of scissors down a poorly lit hallway. Conversely, if you suck at entertaining others, inform the hell out of them and you’ll do just fine.

We’re also open to sponsored posts and reviews. Email us to talk.

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