23 thoughts on “Could the main character of the last game you played survive through every horror setting?”

  1. >survive through every horror setting
    unless the character in question is some lovecraftian old one there is no way anyone would survive through every horror game/setting

  2. Sir are you asking if Manny Calavera can survive in a horror setting?! I’d say yes, and he’d be the comic relief so a win win.

    • Demonophobia, House of Veleze, the Eternal Cylinder (I guess), Fear and Hunger, Little Nightmares, etc. Basically any setting where overall survival is either insanely stupidly difficult or outright impossible.

      • when it comes to godhood there’s levels of it
        depends on the "god(s)" of the horror game and the powers of the god character
        like Maxwell from Scribblenauts would have no trouble in 99% of cases that don’t instantly kill him or debrain him
        but when you get into things like reality warping I would say any full-on unrestricted warper would survive any setting period due to omnipotence
        you’re still right – only a fraction of a fraction could survive EVERY horror game
        and some like Demonophobia are basically just torture carousels with no escape

        • There are horror settings with nigh-omnipotent horror monsters or things close enough to it. At that point, it entirely comes down to scale. If the reality warper in question can’t function at the scale required, they get mogged.

    • Depends on the game. Changed is a fetish game through and through, and that’s still a horror setting. And all guro games count as well.


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