59 thoughts on “*cucks you*”

  1. Boone didnt like that I had negative karma with the NCR, so I shot him
    Veronica is a lesbian, but wants a dress, so I left her in the Lucky 38
    Raul is a spic, so I shot him
    Cass is a drunk whore so I dragged her around with me long enough to realize she’s fucking useless unless I ALSO get an alcohol addiction, so I ditched her at the Lucky 38
    Arcade Ganon uses energy weapons but is a moralist homosexual that wants to help poor people, so I shot him
    Rex is the only good companion
    And no I didn’t drag my grandma with me around a dangerous wasteland, I actually love her

  2. >actively choose the cuck ending
    >act surprised when women donโ€™t respect cucks
    Maybe next time go independent like a real man, instead of being a neoliberal retard.

  3. Hey so the audio logs with Veronica’s girlfriend take place before Dead Money right? If that’s the case why does she have the exact same voice as the woman whose voice she gets at the end of that DLC to open the door to the vault room?

  4. How can she when I blew her head off and dumped her in the same ditch as that lesbo Veronica? Don’t want to fuck me? You die, simple as.


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