57 thoughts on “darkest dungeon 2 EA starts in less than 2 weeks”

  1. I put 200 hours into DD but I have no intention of buying DD2

    >Changed the core game genre
    >Ruined the artstyle
    >Epic games store

  2. guys it’s only epic exclusive during the early access, devs said that they really appreciate what modders do adn will try to accomodate the game to be mod-friendly by the time it’s on steam, there’s no need to be upset (yet)

  3. >epic exclusive
    >they already got their money
    >early access
    >no reason to make a good game at all
    It’s gonna be fucking awful.

  4. not touching the EGS, maybe I’ll check out some steams of it, but no more
    considering that DD was kind of barebones throughout its EA, I guess the same will be here, better wait anyway

  5. No.
    I think the first one sucks I just can’t be bothered to learn it. I got too used to the game before they changed it too much for me and I simply don’t like the end result. I am sure 2 will be different in some ways that will piss old fans back but at the same time won’t bring new people while the thing that both of them disliked will remain.

  6. Not really. Darkest Dungeon ended up being fun despite the fact that the devs tried their hardest to kill it. Ended up being grindy, samey, and end game was frustrating rather than fun. Considering that DD basically got worse as it went on (aside from new content, of course), I have no reason to believe that DD2 is gonna be better.

  7. No hope for the game since it’s EA EGS “exclusive”. I do have hope for the mods. As long as the modders don’t get triggered like S purple.

  8. Wonder how the mods are meant to work if epic doesnt let you mess around the files and it doesn’t have anything like the steam workshop

  9. Im nkt going to buy it on release because im not a dopamine seeking consumerist addict.

    Fuck off with ylur addictions and play the last game you bought on release that you swore was the best game ever in history

  10. Probably not.

    Its interesting to compare the differences between games in the genre. I dont think Red Hook will actually take things that many games improved from DD1.

    I personally think Red Hook are all dicks who cant balance gameplay to save their lives.

  11. I’m excited, the news made me pick up dd1 again and I’ve learned to enjoy it now after playing Battle Brothers. I really like the changes they are making though, except for the ui which looks worse.

  12. I’ll pirate it
    I have hope it will be better than DD, DD was an RNGfest where you got gud by fucking with chances and hoping for the best, now it’s a lot more "tactical" with tokens and such, and it could be interesting.

    • I almost feel like I should pick up Slay the Spire or Monster Train just so I can get used to the style of gameplay if it’s really not going to be about % chances anymore.
      How are they even going to do crits? They were extremely important to the feeling of DD1 (getting fucked vs fucking).

    • No, they’re trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

      I fucking hate that they’re dumbing it down for people like you that can’t into probability management. People like you are the reason games are getting worse by the year.

      • You cannot lose on the regular difficulty and Stygian is a no-fun difficulty for a bunch of reasons including dissecting the game into a dice-based spreadsheet. To say that the game isn’t already dumbed down is just foolish, and certainly it would require more brainpower to deal with the token system of DD2 than just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

        • >cross your fingers and hope for the best
          You keep saying this, and it reinforces that you don’t understand how to mitigate and manage risk. You probably look at actions in isolation.
          You’re right in that the game is nor really that complex, which is why dumbing it down further is so bad. There won’t be any game left.

          • Why do all people complain about rng when the accuracy stat is a thing, boosts exist, and when you target a mmonster there is a clear indicator of your hit chance??

          • Having a 5% chance of anything missing fucking sucks in all honesty, but most people don’t actually look at the numbers of the enemies and can’t understand why an enemy with 40+dodge is evading everything.

          • You keep subtly insisting that I am terrible at the game and that’s why I want the "dumbed down" gameplay of DD2, but I played my fair share of DD to know how to play it well. I hate what "git gud" has done to online discussion of difficult videogames, because it’s done to any sort of criticism even from those that already know how to play. I dig the token system a lot more than I dig DD’s RNG because I’ve always seen the RNG as being cheap and shallow, and it becomes a competition of stacking items that increase/decrease the odds of something happening, leveling the status skills like Crusader’s stunning blow so that enemies barely have a chance to resist it and all that, and then people insist that pushing chances to above 100% is skill. The game is both bullshit and fun when you play it without any prior knowledge, bullshit because suddenly your Houndmaster is shit in the Cove, fun because there’s plenty of exploration to be done and new things to learn.
            >There won’t be any game left.
            Now you’re getting somewhere, the one thing that puts me off from is the UI style, it’s like they’re planning to release it on mobile devices at some point and that’s a huge red flag.

          • Maybe you should get over the idea that YOU being shit at a game doesn’t mean the game’s mechanics are bad.
            "Git gud" translates to "I like it how it is" — so you can fuck off with your sniveling attitude.

          • You don’t necessarily have to be bad at the game because you don’t understand probability. I see many people that succeed by following straightforward low risk strategies such as going all in on certain skills, which works very well until it doesn’t.
            The real game is in managing uncertain outcomes without getting completely fucked when you learn something new. When you know the all the outcomes the game is already solved and you should play something new; very few games should be played over and over for many years,

          • I understand probability, but I don’t like that the game revolves around it as a core element to make up for the lack of engaging gameplay, once you know how to manage the RNG the game becomes boring outside of going to new areas to fight new enemies, and Stygian is far too painfully autistic to be played for anything more than bragging rights (it forces people to be formulaic and play the game in a preset way, sucking out the joy out of the game itself just for a Steam achievement and a rampant desire to brag to everyone about beating the game on Stygian). At least with the token system they don’t have "Oh God the game is so difficult the enemies are massively stressing my party fuck" as a crutch for most players, so they’d be pushed to make a more engaging game as a result otherwise get called an inferior sequel. I don’t expect much during early access though, it’s just that, early access.

          • >people insist that pushing chances to above 100% is skill

            It’s a strategic, single player game. They are solvable by definition and once you understand how to mitigate your risks you’ve basically won.
            You’re welcome to not like the genre but it’s fucking dumb to go on and on about how you wish it was different.

        • People do torchless deathless runs, if the game was as rng as you say it would be impossible. You’re just bad at the game.


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