19 thoughts on “definition of based or definition of Soul ?”

  1. >Toriyama same-face art he copy and pasted from Gohan
    Soulless. They handicap themselves by hiring a senile hack to design their characters for them.

  2. >Bought for $10 as a K-B Toys clearance
    >Try to play for a month and can’t make it click despite having enjoyed DWI&II
    >Be young and stupid and sell off the game out of frustration
    I will never stop hating myself for that.

    • It’s way better than the Famicom version, since it’s based on the objectively superior SFC remake. There’s nothing watered down about it, it has more features than either version, better controls, better fighting, better stat system, and is one of the most impressive looking GBC games. It might actually be the best port of DQ 3 but the SFC version is the most playable simply for being on a console.

  3. I got golden sun instead of this because I just got a GBA and wanted a real GBA game.

    Listening to all my classmates talk about DWIII afterward made me regret my decision.

  4. Dragon Quest 3, like Castlevania 3, is actually a prequel to the 1st and 2nd games. Why call it a number after the previous ones instead of coming up with something like "Dragon Quest: the beginning"


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