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  1. RE7
    >4 family members
    >Only 2 you can fight in base game and get proper screentime
    >Dead in first half
    >Rest is rehashed slimes from re5
    >teeth look weird
    >boat section exists
    >choices don’t matter
    >Old woman tits
    >enemies slog towards you like a old resident evil
    >spiritual successor of re3

    >New enemies
    >5 family members that are all bosses throughout game
    >Starts with big titty vampire ends with gunning down a machine and killing a witch
    >enemies are fast
    >teeth look good
    >enemy variety
    >spiritual successor of re4

    I’m thinking RE8 is kino

    • I like both games but i’d argue by the time you really kill ANY of the 4 family members the game is more than halfway over. (the mom)
      where RE8 you one and done every member.

  2. My problem with 8 is SO much of it is trying to recreate 4 and never lives up to that.

    The big village attack at the beginning isn’t as good. The weapon upgrade system isn’t as good. The inventory system isn’t as good. The basic combat with enemies isn’t as good. Every enemy in 8 has the same attack pattern. Either they run at you with their big stick or they shoot an arrow. 4 had ganado that could throw weapons, grapple you, poke you from long range, shoot arrows, have shields, and they all felt like you had to tackle them differently.

    VII is so much more unique on it’s own that it doesn’t have to live up to anyone else.

  3. RE2 > REmake > RE3 > RE1 > RE2Remake > RE4 > RE0 > RE7 > RE8 > RE3Remake > RE5 > RE6
    If you disagree you are an unironic zoomer and your opinion doesnt matter

  4. Is this the resident evil thread? What’s the best way to play the old games and are the controls that bad and if so is it worth it or should I just play the remakes

    • Could emulate them or could play the remakes, I haven’t played the original 3 but apparently the remake is shit compared to it so might want to skip.

    • buy all available on steam. play up until 4. then play on PS2 the 2nd one, the 3rd one and CVX. optional the og 1 since on steam you have the remake. go back and continue in launch order the steam ones until you finish the 2nd revelation. emulate the 2 wii Chronicles ones. go back and finish 7 and 8. lastly, play the remakes for 2 and 3. get the most complete editions for all of them if u can so that dlc and platform specific shit doesn’t bother you. good series.

    • >RE1-3 – Source PC ports
      >CV – HD version on Xbox/PS3 or emulate the GC version
      >REmake – PC
      Play the originals first, and if you are really worried about getting filtered, play as Jill first. Its retard mode.

    • start with re1 remake remastered or re0 remastered because they have alternate analogue control options.honestly they make the game too easy because enemies still operate according to tank controls but it’s a good way to adjust to the early games if you dont know what youre doing. it still retains conventional tank controls but relegates them to the d-pad so you can effectively use both. d pad is a more intuitive means of tank controls because we dont associate modern analogue inputs with them. the original re1 predates the dualshock controller.

  5. I’m torn between both

    7 had a great atmosphere but after the swamp fight with Jack it nosedives

    8 starts really strong but similarly has a bit of a nosedive in the last half also the boss fights are shit

    I also don’t know what they were thinking with Chris’ section

    However I liked 8s enemy variety, shooting and exploration

  6. 8 is better because it has hot slim young vampire chicks. both 8 and 7 are worse than the rest because there is no Rebecca or Jill. everything else is worse than the 1st RE because it doesn’t have good jokes anymore.

    • >7 was just a rehash of RE1 but worse
      >8 was just a rehash of RE4 but worse

      Of course the actonshiter have a shitter taste

      • >>8 was just a rehash of RE4 but worse
        do classicshomosexuals actually believe this? some of you really just saw a castle and a village and said omg it’s re4 part two
        >>7 was just a rehash of RE1 but worse
        the thing that’s wrong is that it’s worse

  7. I like 7 because they took the killer hillbilly thing and just ran with it. It’s really focused on that whole theme and does a good job with it. 8 feels like it was designed by a committee who couldn’t decide exactly what they wanted it to be.

    • yeah I agree. 8 suffers from moments where it’s evident that they are ticking boxes of segments of their audience they are trying to please. in same ways it is a successor to 6 (not saying 8 is bad though, i liked it).

    • Unfortunately this. 7 was great in every aspect, except all the normal enemies suck ass and are boring to fight. The boss fights were pretty good though.


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