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    • Better yet, how come every level 1 priest/mage/whatever in Baldur’s Gate and the like knows "detect alignment" or "detect evil" and why isn’t that a major defining trait of societies?
      How come the city guard doesn’t check suspect’s alignement, if it just requires a low level initiate to perform it?

  1. Unironically christianity. You literally have the god/satan duality right in your image.

    Also, physiognomy. You can train A.I. on images of criminals to such a degree that is can then tell which person has the genes for crime/violence(in the case of violence, you don’t need physiognomy, you just look at the genes).

  2. >Entire premise of the game is that anyone can be saved from their inner demons by the power of friendship and acceptance from others
    >He summons a shadow
    >Beat him to within an inch of his life instead of trying to help him be redeemed
    >Meanwhile the good looking murderer cop gets a full redemption

  3. I really hate the whole "you look older the higher level you are gimmick" when nobody ages with you, I had to use a bug that let me level without aging

  4. Aside from the obviously evil horns and shit the guy is still not ugly though?
    If you think horns are more ugly than a gay faint rainbow glow that’s on you.
    The beard actually has nothing to do with alignment by the way, it comes ingame after a timeskip or not shaving for a while even if you look like Satan.

  5. it’s weird how there are effectively 0 (zero) [ะฝyะปัŒ] games that let you play as a proper flamboyant villain
    it’s either MORAL CHOICES in kotor/infamaous/fable style with your 2 choices being unfunny exaggerations
    even shit like overlord isn’t about being an evil overworld, morality system strikes again
    or you just play an asshole in a world of bigger assholes: see literally any crpg and modern warfare shooter

    • How about Tyranny? Haven’t played it, but heard that it tries to make sense when playing as "evil"

      Also, before anyone metions Fallout3 Tower yadda etc., those games should have had both a Popularity meter and a (maybe hidden) real karma meter

      • tyranny is about being a high-ranking executive in evil lord’s army that gets railroaded into opposing anyway
        now that i think about it, legacy of kain and dark messiah of mnm both have solid evil paths full of self-indulgent edge

        but still no pulp supervillain simulator

        • My bet is that real "evil" is hard to write because unless a character is a deranged sadist (and even then) evil is just the bad things others do to you. I bet Stalin didn’t feel he was evil, nor Pol Pot. And precisely, a sadist psycho feels he’s in the right, and the victims either deserve it or are cattle to be slain.

          So… tldr, is way easier to write an "I’m a selfish bloodthirsty asshole" character

          • i was talking specifically about "flamboyant villain"s or "pulp supervillain"s, the silly caricature of a person who idolizes the concept of being evil, and not necessary being evil for practical reasons
            less SOCIETY or ONE BAD DAY joker, and more of phone prankster joker

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