18 thoughts on “Do you prefer traditional fantasy settings for FF games or modern/sci-fi settings?”

  1. Sci-fi is fine as long as they don’t fuck it up. Like square fucked up FF7 remake. A literal chance to print money.
    >pic related
    Made for USA karens-tifa censoredheart

  2. All I care about is that the worlds are fleshed out, fantastical, and feel lived in and alive.
    The level of technology or lack thereof doesn’t matter if it can’t hit that feeling.

  3. I like it when they mix all three: medieval, modern and sci-fi.
    Although I think only a few of them have done this, VII, VIII, XIII and XV. X a little bit.

    • XIV also does this.
      Most of the world relies heavily on magic to make shit work, but Garleans are biologically incapable of magic so they just got really good at technology out of jealous seething so everything over there basically looks like a fusion of Midgar and that one city I forget the name of from VIII where you try and hilariously fail to assassinate Edea.
      At least that’s how the bombed out ruins in the benchmark trailer look.


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