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    I really don’t think Winning Eleven/PES undersold when it was a huge favourite among normies for over fifteen years

    Really should give these games another shot. Also Nanami is cute as hell.

    Nanami is shit though. Tonhomosexual was really surrounded by the worst people, first Jowy and then her. I wish I could just fuck off with the gypsies at the end of the game, at least Eilie cares about Tonhomosexual and they can be a family with Rina and Bolgan.

  2. Did anyone actually like this homosexual? Also find it funny that you get the ‘True Friendship’ attack after banishing his sorry ass like 3 times.

    • No. I legitimately wanted to kill him every time they let me. The fact that I had a suspicion that he was a star of destiny saved him. Jowy wasn’t a star, so he might not have been either, but I didn’t want to risk it.

      Was Tactics worth playing?

      Yes if you like tactics games and the story of 4.

    • Snowe had a character arc, and he was pretty much the only character to have one in Suckoden IV. After capturing him for the second time I just pitied him.
      Shame there can only be four characters in the party because I’m not swapping out my bro Reinbach for Snowe.

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    >Eyuden Chronicle will probably not sell well.
    If Murayama’s track record of nothing for twenty years followed by a fucking Dynashit Warriors game is anything to go by, I expect Eyuden Chronicles to be a steaming pile.

    >villain is evil… because he is evil
    >and he’s great at it


    I legit hate that they gave Luca a sob story to justify his being evil. He was a piece of shit from the beginning to the end, he was a believable threat to the player and single handedly made Suikoden II memorable regardless of the state of his mommy’s vag

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    What’s funny is that Luca didn’t really hate Jillia like everyone else because she looks like his mother. Or at least tolerated her.

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      He sorta is the final boss. You can feel his influence (listen to his music, his theme is intertwined there) when fighting the beast rune. It was his intention to release it on the world after crushing the City-State.

    • First game is short by JRPG standards clocking in at some 20-ish hours, but it has annoyances like limited personal inventory, game forcing characters on you more than any other, Rune limitations, etc. 2 improved on it in almost every way, but is also simply the GRANDER version of the original so you can gauge your interest.

    • I would honestly play the first game before Suikoden II. Suikoden I is one of few games that you would benefit from playing before the second game. A lot of returning characters show up, there’s a lot of references to the first game, and you revisit a prominent area in Suikoden II from Suikoden I. There’s a hidden subplot you can unlock if you transfer your completed save file too. You would appreciate Suikoden II a lot more if you played the first game. And if you don’t like Suikoden I anyway, I guarantee you won’t like the second one. It’s basically the first game on steroids.

      • >if you don’t like Suikoden I anyway, I guarantee you won’t like the second one
        This is not true. Even though everything else you said is exactly right, I know plenty of people who couldn’t get through 1 but still ended up loving 2.
        They only went back to play 1 afterwards because of how much they liked 2 and wanted to be able to recruit McDohl.

  5. Not trying to shit on them, because I havent tried them. But what makes them different than the rest of generic looking, mediocre, predictable JRPGS out there? It really has the looks of one.

    • You know, I have nothing of substance to add but I really can’t stand mongoloids like you. If I’m reading you correctly and if your time is so precious, maybe you should find something else to do in your spare time, instead of posting online trying to get people to convince you how and why you should spend your time in a "hobby" that you would otherwise say you enjoy.

      • >couldn’t actually answer the question because he knows deep down suikoden games are just bog standard jarpigs

        Why is he playing so slow? Anyone who intends to just press Attack on all characters should just press Auto? It even makes it so all your party members attack at the same time so you don’t have to wait for them each to take turns.

        >Anyone who intends to just press Attack on all characters should just press Auto?
        >dude just let the game play itself!
        Why even bother playing at all then?

        • >Why even bother playing at all then?
          Normally, you wouldn’t just press Attack with all characters. There’s other better things to do and the game doesn’t have an MP system. I’m just saying, if you were planning on doing only basic attacks, why do it the slow way?

        • You have made your point that you are not interested in playing the series at all and any other poster would be calling you an out-right troll at this point so let me make it easier on you, because I have no interest in trying to convince you:
          The suggestion is there for you to play it. Whether you do or don’t is down to you, but for pity’s sake; please don’t act like you have the ability to freely make your own decisions when you have to ask "why" you should do something if given a recommendation or suggestion, even if you didn’t ask for one–on a message board designed for discussion. Let’s not forget to humble ourselves either; anything with a "genre" is designed to appeal to a certain demographic. If you are not into something, that’s fair enough as it’s not your taste and isn’t for you, but make no mistake that if you don’t like what you’ve seen from watching a YouTube video and decide to tell others that "I don’t like it"–in the words of a generation you seem to fit quite well into, you need to remind yourself "who asked?"

    • I already did. Several times since the day they came out. They’re great games. I don’t expect most of Ganker to be able to appreciate them though, they’ll compare it to JRPGs they’ve already played and will be disappointed. The creator meant for Suikoden I to be an "introduction" into JRPGs, so it’s absurdly easy. The game is coded where if you rush for to the end of the dungeon, you’ll encounter less enemies. If you wander around randomly trying to get your party to catch up in levels, you’ll encounter more enemies. I like how it doesn’t waste your time, and the games are interesting all the way through because of it. Though Suikoden II is much longer.

      >108 characters to recruit
      >base grows as your army gets more members
      >six people party system
      >war battles
      >one on one duels
      >great soundtrack
      >good story
      >hidden sideplot to unlock a powerful character to bring into your party in Suikoden II if you transfer your Suikoden I save data over
      >unite attacks with certain party members
      >unite magic attacks depending on what rune magic you use
      >can customize each and every one of your members with different rune setups

      To this day no other game has managed to have something like Suikoden. I don’t expect dummies like to see how good it is though, which is expected from jaded, cynical morons on this board.

  6. Why should I? It looks like every other bog standard jrpg where you just mash x To get through walls of text and having to deal with the most basic battle system

  7. I got to the part where you kill Evil Rance and decided to stop playing right after finishing it. The 18v1 fight against him was dope and I wanted to end it on a high note instead of some stupid fight against God like every other jarpig


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