56 thoughts on “>Doesn’t want to make a Danganronpa game.”

  1. >>Doesn’t want to make a Danganronpa game.
    Hook line and sinker. People don’t give V3’s advertising and build up enough credit. Even the fucking Famitsu scans were intentionally misleading.

    • The ending was literally telling the "audience" to go fuck themselves.
      I hope they are paying you at least, you Chunsoft shill.

      • The ending was literally about proving how a story/lies can change reality and if the few meta jabs offended you so much then maybe you should really go fuck yourself
        >Chunsoft shill
        lmao I don’t care about the company and UDG is the worst game i have ever played.

      • Not that guy, but 2 has massive pacing lulls where characters are just repetitively spouting exposition about the situation and nothing is progressing the conversation. It’s pretty dull to read, the way that 1’s intentional shallowness isn’t, and V3 learned to throw in twists and turns in a dialogue to keep it fresh.

        It also loses the plot towards the end, in that it’d introduce a giant island with each chapter that it used exactly one bit of (or sometimes none, when the gang gets rollercoasted out), and there’s just no chekov’s gun fun going on, where you can try to predict how the new chapter’s space is going to be used.

        • To go further with that, the cast not only do very little (Though I do appreciate that they use their ultimate talents more), but they just don’t play off each other well at all compared to 1 and 3. The cast is very dull, with Nagito (Who is the best character in all 3 games) managing to carry the burden them ost. The problem is, he obviously can’t carry it all, being one character in a 40-50 hour game.

          Heck, you can even see the game somewhat acknowledges this by the game quickly closing in on it’s climax after his death.

  2. He did want to make DR, he was just burnt out on the class trial/death game format, but UDG and the mobile game didn’t stick. The only reason he made another death game with Too Kyo was because Uchikoshi was really up on the idea.

        • It only became formulaic because they decided that was the formula. DR worked because it had a fun cast, fun cases and didn’t jerk off for hours at a time with nothing happening. That’s all you need.

      • Well of course he can’t just come up and say that anon, but the ending makes it clear he was sick to death of them. You don’t refer to your work as trash if that wasn’t the case.

        • >but the ending makes it clear he was sick to death of them
          Yall took that "author’s purpose" shit you learned in middle school too seriously

        • >but the ending makes it clear he was sick to death of them
          No it doesn’t.
          >You don’t refer to your work as trash if that wasn’t the case.
          This never happens.

          • >No it doesn’t.
            Not only were there 53 seasons of Danganronpa (Why such as high number?), the game lampshades shit that the series has done before that it’s almost cyclical. They even had Tsunko literally say "Yea it’s played out but whatever, Yea it’s me, Junko."
            >This never happens.
            53 can mean Gomi in Japanese, which also means trash. Doubt that’s a coincedence.

          • >Not only were there 53 seasons of Danganronpa (Why such as high number?)
            Because they came up with the name "V3" before they came up with the 53 seasons of Danganronpa twist.
            >Doubt that’s a coincedence.
            It literally is.

    • He made a fucking live action death game, a kids death game adventure, and is working on a hyper sports death game.
      Clearly, This is exactly what somebody who hates death games would do.

      If DRV3 is about anything "Meta" it’s about corporate stifling hence why Dangan got 50 more sequels before UDG2 was even considered…. By whom? Team Danganronpa, who wished to do what works with more gimmicks.
      They don’t want another UDG game. Fans IRL want another UDG game but ""Team Danganronpa"" is probably shitting their pants at how it was a flop.
      We could have had a female protagonist but ""Team DR"" stole that and kept giving red herrings to distract that it’s the same game as always.

      Immediately after he’s not working on Danganronpa we get games working in the same concept but with different styles and approaches that wouldn’t have flied under the DR name, probably.
      Just look at how DR S is the safest, lamest bet they could have taken for more content.
      The crossover content in v3 was included as the result of a fan poll.
      Danganronpa S is taking that and expanding on it with fucking gacha mechanics.
      If that’s not a sign of creative indecision from scared higher ups who want guaranteed money, than what is?

      However, because of these restrictions,
      V3 is a final game that follows the Danganronpa ‘Formula’, rounding out a trilogy IRL but 50 fucking games without anything else in-universe

        • You’re fucking braindead to miss the point that hard.
          It’s not whether you ‘want’ it but whether or not """’Team DR""""" let’s the series change at all. V3 is entirely about red herrings before going back to normal Dangan shit.

          Even the fucking ending where they reveal it’s all fake is just the exact same as 1 and 2 just on a larger scale.

          • 2’s ending is completely different, than any of the others. I’ll give you 1 and 3 though. In fact it kinda comes full circle in a way.

      • None of those games are really death games, or at least in the way Danganronpa was. Hell ,even the anime wasn’t technically a death game either.

        Seems more of he was sick of being tied down by the Danganronpa "routine" and wanted to explore other ideas, which would make fans go berserk.


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