57 thoughts on “Don’t mind me, just being the best map in BF4.”

  1. i had a lot of fun with choppers in this map
    too bad they took choppers out of the next two games and then ruined them in 2042

  2. going back and playing BF4, I don’t remember the random recoil mechanic being such pure ass. it’s absolutely dreadful in every way

    • Do you mean the random spread? Recoil on most weapons is quite controllable. It’s mainly just the weapons with strong equal left and right recoil that suck.

  3. Flood Zone is probably too stressful for you. A few too many windows and ledges for you to be shot from. Can’t handle the pressure, huh. Probably try running around street level just to avoid any other players.

    Flood Zone is the best map.

  4. I really like Golmud Railway, it’s fun when you play with a pistol.
    Same as Hainan Resort.

    But my personal favorite is Flood Zone.

  5. can’t see anything, it’s just an endless sea of brown foliage and brown buildings

    Zavod fucking sucks. Flood Zone is pretty bad too and no one likes Naval Strike rush maps.

      • >Bf4 had terrible base maps
        not like bf3 had vanilla maps lol (the only thing that saved it was b2k and aftermath)
        bf3 and 4 both suck though, i’ve been having more fun with bfv even though it’s unfinished

        • I’d play BF5 more, but no team balance/shuffle + invincible planes going 100/0 every match makes it hard to play for long stretches.

          • i rarely get killed by planes, idk what to tell you
            but yeah no team shuffle is absolute braindead retarded feature that’s missing, what were they thinking?

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