Dread is LITERALLY Samus Returns 2 years back we all admitted and agreed SR was complete shit and to…

Dread is LITERALLY Samus Returns 2 years back we all admitted and agreed SR was complete shit and took the series back. We admitted that Nintendo could no longer competently handle Metroid just like how Sega can’t get Sonic right anymore and needs fan games to keep him half revelant. Fuck even KingK’s recent video had him SR’s corpse to spit on it some more and flaut how fangames are now better then the real thing.
So why are we all sucking Samus’, Sakamoto’s and Mercury Steam’s dick now when Dread was more of the same bullshit?

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    • They fixed everything I didn’t like about SR in Dread.
      >good boss fights
      >Aeon abilities not mandatory for exploration anymore
      >Counter is less finicky aside from the EMMI counters, which should be avoided anyway.
      Only addition I find kinda ridiculous is the boss counters. Some of those just take too long and you can trigger them multiple times in a battle.

  1. Dread constantly funnels you from on area to another. Like after you get screw attack you’re directed to get cross bombs then there’s another path that opens up that takes you directly to the purple Emmi, the bacltracking is done without thought on the players end. If it was super Metroid you would have to know that you’re prevented from reaching the purple Emmi’s brain by a cold room and then you would make it there yourself.

  2. No matter what criticism you may have against it, it’s still the best Switch game on the market. Look at the competition and you’ll see.

    >movieblade Chronicles 2
    >the Legend of Zelda crying like a bitch
    >Shovelware Crossing
    >Waifu Emblem

    Metroid Dread is basically a life raft amidst a sea of mediocrity.

  3. Thank you for improving my self esteem, OP. I maybe be 30 year old autistic virgin but at least I don’t waste my days posting the same shit over and over to try provoking a reaction out of random people on the internet.

    • it’s literally one guy and a few discord buttbuddies. They don’t even change their posting styles and say the exact same things like bots.

        • BOTW threads are literally 1 homosexual replying to himself until he gets some poor fool to think its a legitimate discussion, then goes on an autistic "LOL I TROL U" rampage until the other person leaves. It’s the same autist every time.

          Breath of the wild was only mediocre anyways, not outstanding, not horrible, just mediocre.

  4. >Release remake of old game
    >Change shit that doesn’t make sense
    >Introduce shit that doesn’t make sense
    >Make new game
    >Learn from what worked in previous game
    >Learn from what didn’t work in previous game
    >Make better game

        • In my friends words: "too bland and generic, there was nothing to do, nothing to discover and didn’t know where to go"
          He killed the False knight and dropped the game.

          • He’s a literal autist that thinks he knows everything from agame in 3h or lest, and will go on and make claims like as if they’re undenyable. He has a bias against indie games because he assumes they cannot reach the same level of quality. In his eyes, anything below A doesn’t matter, but also considers msot AAA games casual trash.

          • In today’s market, indie games are way above AAA big budget games.
            Just because those AAA games will be flooded with bullshit.

          • the tism gave him a fucked up eprception of the world. It wasn’t until recently that I understood what he values but has missplaced the focus completly. He’s obsessed with "soul", yet his definition of it is Ganker tier. Discussing what makes vidya good, I argued that passion is the msot improtant thing. An honest game, made with passion by developers who trully want to make a good game will eventually shine. But we’re talking people who sits down, discusses the art, the mechanics, what works, what doesn’t, test stuff and experiment around until things start to click, not having an idea and developing it. While he says that fame is what makes them good, which surprised me since fame is jsut a consequence, one that should come with good quality.

            He believes indies don’t have the same chances as big games and they’re not worth the effort as you’ll be lost in a sea of indies everywhere, despite that the same reason means indies barely need to sale to make a profit and keep growing. Not mentioning all the awards indies have won in TGA the last years.

            I genuinely use him as a frame of reference when arguing with people in here. The similarities are scary.He’s so retarded he thinks people in Ganker says niger as a joke and nobody is racist outside of 4chan, and there’s no 4chan leaks. This place has ruined my friend.

    • Putting price aside, HK is way, way too fucking long. It has the worst pacing of any metroidvania I’ve ever played and it’s a fucking slog to the end. Dread at least gets length right.

      • Base game / Main story doesn’t take longer than your average metroidvania. Many friends beat it in like 12h. It’s the full game with optional areas that’s longer, and even then it jsut took me 26h total, which is in the sweetspot of "long" game without going into dumb RPG length


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