53 thoughts on “>dude just emulate it lol”

    • >be evil as fuck and be open about it for 100 of years
      >get killed for real
      >hide your powers in a sissy homosexual so the belmonts don’t expect your next resurrection
      its actually pretty genius.

    • >cringey shoehorned touchscreen mechanics
      aside from the seals some touchscreen features were pretty neat, like moving your familiar around, which was very useful for the devil familiar + guillotine combo

  1. Has anyone documented the formulae for luck and random drops in the GBA/DS games? I’ve always heard they’re broken, but exactly how broken?

    I will say one of my favorite things about Bloodstained is that you can actually tell when you put on a luck item. You immediately start getting more common drops, rare drops, and higher value bags of money drop.

  2. I agree with fixing Luck, since that was obviously a huge glitch that I can’t believe nobody caught before release.
    But the art style was great in both games, and touch screen stuff was a lot of fun. Plus, you can do touch screen things on your computer emulation with the mouse.

    • If the touchscreen features were so good, why didn’t PoR and OoE have them?
      Oh right. It’s because Nintendo pressured Konami into adding touchscreen features to DoS because it was a launch title. The devs knew it was bullshit, and that’s why they didn’t have it in the other two titles.

  3. Who else is playing Castlemania this October?
    I set up retroarch on my Vita just to play through the games.
    Beaten AoS+Julius, HoD, and currently playing CotM.
    CotM is way better than I remember it.
    Gonna play Maxim mode after I am done with CotM and then play some Classicvania.

      • Does the sewage hurt you?
        You aren’t supposed to be there yet if so.
        I managed to get through them out of sequence myself but the game starts spawning much harder enemies throughout the castle if you beat it now.
        That area is hell with all the enemies doing tons of knockback and freezing you.

  4. Am I the only one who felt like they dropped the ball with Dawn? They took a perfect system and added in the need to farm souls both for crafting and just to make the souls actually effective.
    >Cool soul drops from an enemy
    >"Great! I’ll try it out!"
    >Does fuckall damage unless you collect it 8 more times

    • The bigger part of farming is for the crafting. You’d think that the souls required to upgrade weapons would become gradually more difficult to obtain, but no. Out of the 8 or so upgrades for the regular sword, the 2nd or 3rd one requires a Valkyrie soul, which has the highest level of rarity and can take over 30 minutes of farming just to get one. Then the next one after that is much easier to obtain.

  5. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4373/
    Play the best version. No generic anime portraits, no touch screen gimmicks, and luck actually works.


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