25 thoughts on “Elden Ring may look like Dark Souls 3… but is that a bad thing?”

  1. Stop cranking the detail sliders to minimum, homosexual. And install the increased draw distance mod.

    On a good PC at 4K resolution and up, DS3 doesn’t look all that bad compared to DeS remake.

    • it’s funny because usually when games look dated graphically Ganker screams SOUL. But I guess it’s not okay when fromsoft does it.

    • >sword still poking out of the cape
      These cheap assholes recycled the same engine and thought they could pull off the open world, long draw distances bull shots..
      Fucking retards, rdr2 on a basic bitch ps4 looks better than this and it came out 3 years ago.
      But hey, from soft games are literally the new call of duty for normies, so they’ll get their money in any case.


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