60 thoughts on “>Enemy team gets lucky and barely wins last second”

  1. >ur mom is pretty ez lol
    preferably hit enter right as time runs out so there isn’t enough time for anything besides reading it
    then immediately leave before they have a chance to respond
    they have two options afterwards, give a rebuttal to nothing and look retarded, or to just take it
    either way you’ve already left, denying them continued enjoyment from messing with you, and leaving you with a sense of satisfaction that you got the last word in
    note: this only works if the chat is primarily text chat, I do it all the time in LoL since it also makes it clear that I’m no longer there

  2. "You got carried by your team"
    Just deflect their celebration by complimenting the rest of the enemy team while at the same time making him look pathetic. Everyone participating in the match knows how hard victory was won. If it was "ez" for that guy he must have been dead weight for his friends. The enemy team either has to accept the compliment and agree they carried their teammate (it’s completely irrelevant whether anyone was actually carried) or they disagree and therefore it was a hard fought battle.

  3. Throw some bait at them i.e act like a homo/chud in postgame lobby
    Try to work them up until they say something that can get them banned.
    Exploit the homosexual system.


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