61 thoughts on “Fallout New Vegas > Fallout 3”

  1. >started replaying vanilla 3 since they removed gfwl from steam
    >decide i want to make a crit build
    >look around to see how i can build around this idea
    >barely any crit items or perks, whole "build" is just maxing luck, taking three or four perks, then picking whatever weapon has the highest crit multiplier
    i regret uninstalling ttw because now i have to wait on them to fix their installer

  2. I’m not home for a few weeks and I have access to my old Xbox 360, would it be completely pointless to buy and play New Vegas on the 360? Has it aged horribly on consoles or is it still decent to play?

    • Those "Indians" were just New Vegas homosexuals larping as retarded ESL’s to create a forced meme of all Fallout 3 fans being subhuman pajeets.

  3. New Vegas trans memes
    >people just post screenshots made by trannies themselves
    Fallout 3 pajeet memes
    >forced by butthurt NV trannies

  4. >unironic fallout 3 shilling
    >new vegas is somehow a chud game now
    Is that just zoomers that can’t accept that the Fallout they grew up with is considered as being kind of shit and using trannies as strawmen because they are obsessed with them?

  5. objectively false
    number of reviews correlate to sales number
    number of sales are the only good metric to judge similar products by
    fallout 3 barely even works on win7 and still doesn’t work on win10 yet it’s still so far ahead

  6. Is there any reason to play New Vegas in 2021? Fallout 3 is the better game and it’s now playable on Steam on Windows 10 without GFWL. The only reason I guess you could play New Vegas is with the Tale of Two Wastelands mod, but why install a shitty game alongside a good one?

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