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    >water character is the crazy one
    That was a nice change of pace. The only other instance I can think of is Hanch from Drakengard 2, but I don’t think she counts because pretty much everyone there is crazy.

  2. >Water user is dominating and oppressive like the dark, crushing pressure of the deep ocean
    >Has no qualms about asserting themselves and taking complete control if they can find even the smallest crack to push through

    >Wind user is flexible, reactive to others, yet evasive and will often retreat from high pressure situations
    >Thrives when there’s low pressure, but will often get out of hand when they aren’t kept in check

    >Fire user is whimsical, caring and embracing like expanding heat from a quaint little campfire
    >However, fire is lazy, indulgent, dependent and kinda clingy, needing ‘sparks’ and ‘fuel’ to thrive, actually takes quite a bit to get going but then can be difficult to get them to stop

    >Earth user puts up a front of calm and beauty on the surface, yet has obvious chip on their shoulder
    >Abrasive, rather cruel and hot-headed, regularly erupts in volcanic anger

    >The real rivalries are Fire vs Earth, and Water vs Wind

    • >fire is lazy
      Something seems…off. I guess I’m too used to seeing hotheads are always the most courageous and passionate about doing what they love.

      • That’s the thing, Fire is something that happens reactively, caused by other things. It is the most transient element that is reliant on outside factors to even exist. Fire could easily be portrayed as someone who has little initiative until something actually lets them burn.

        I’m guessing Fire and Water aren’t rivals because Fire knows it would get absolutely BTFO by Water.

        The idea is actual natural elemental relationships.
        Water and Wind are rivals because the ocean plays a big part in meteorological wind pressure, so the two are physically pushing back and forth. Various things cause the tide to rise and fall, and the intense changes in pressure caused by the ocean causes the wind to go all over the place.

        Fire and earth are rivals because tectonic plates constantly creating volcanic eruptions, and fire itself, once something sets it off, is going to be burning lots of shit (so if "earth" also includes shit like nature and trees, fire is going to be hitting back at Earth most of all).

        If anything, Water is an antagonist to all three, as it squelches fire, applies pressure to wind, and erodes earth.

  3. How about a this :
    >Fire user is a powerful android who is destined to be shut down after doing it’s deeds
    >Water is a schizo with multiples personalities
    >Earth is an otherwise normal guy with sadist tendencies
    >Wind is a sigma male

  4. I wish they did something more interesting with the four elements.
    >fire user is calm and the most human
    >Water user is cool, but goes into berserk mode when pushed too far
    >Earth is violent and cruel
    >Wind doesn’t care

  5. >Fire user is a hothead
    >Earth user is stoic
    >Air user is a maverick
    >Water user is gay
    hack writing. why do they never use the wood element


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