44 thoughts on “>Forming a Gankeridya adventure party”

  1. Inquisitor
    Ya’ll motherfuckers need Jesus so I hope you enjoy me reciting scripture at every campfire to save your shitty souls.
    Any clerics, priests, and paladins in this thread have to do what I say.

    • what’s the rogue gonna do? be a skill monkey?
      most things can be solved with force and extreme violence, and the rogue is just gonna eat shit in a straight fight.
      Rogue’s gonna warm the bench while the ACTUAL martial classes get things done.

      • Extra gold find and magic find, instagibs something at the start of every fights, makeshift bards outside of battles with thievery, locksmithing, torture and the likes. But anyway, would you know? You’re just another Ooga booga.

        • unga bunga doesn’t fold to the first blow in a fight
          unga bunga pulps assholes twice their size
          unga bunga doesn’t blow their load at the start of the fight, they just keep fighting until whatever inconvenienced them isn’t capable of resisting anymore
          unga bunga smash until problem is not problem
          unga bunga is the thinking man’s strategy

          • he’s gonna have to deal with my massive fucking hit points and massive fucking damage dice
            and Action Surge
            he’s not gonna have an easy time of it

  2. Obviously 3 mages and cleric. Still never completed it, was always losing interest after getting into 30+ levels. Mobs are too numerous in MM6, 7 fixes this. Though 6 dungeons are way better than 7.


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