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  1. >"When you are out rallying on ice or snow in country like that it is like dancing. From one side to the other side. My dancing background helped my rallying. As soon as I started on gravel I liked it because of that. It was so nice to feel and move the car like that. "

    – Michèle Mouton

    TFW no Mouton gf

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    I played through the entirety of Dirt Rally using only the Alpine A110. Should I not have been doing that?

    • It gives you a really good lesson in how RWD cars handle, but only using it does damper the experience, since it utterly shits over the Mini Cooper S and the Lancia Fulvia in the same class. Using it in the 60s Class is basically picking up free wins, and latter games would put it in the 70s Class instead given how insanely good that car was for its age.

  3. >Double caution left three half long into immediate right one long over crest jump maybe don’t cut rocks outside
    Half the time I can’t keep track of what he’s saying.

  4. I bought the ps4 version of Dirt 4 and the game was forced Portuguese and the dubbing was completely off, with the co-pilot being 2 to 3 turns ahead of where I was. I contacted Codemaster’s support and they replied that although the were aware of it they weren’t going to fix it. I refunded it and now I make sure to pirate and then seed every new Dirt game 24/7. Fuck Codemasters.

  5. Why the fuck did everyone during the 80’s have such a deathwish when it came to rally racing? And I don’t mean the drivers either, people were watching from the fucking middle of the road only to get out at the last second

  6. >monthly tour coming up
    >scrape up just enough credits to unlock one of the cars
    >finally ready to race, stage is monaco
    >slide right off the 3rd corner into a DNF

    • Grind enough money to repair your car and keep going. Monthly is about endurance, nobody drives through that shit without some mistakes. DNF is pretty rough, but still

    • Number equals how a corner curves
      1 is very sharp, 6 is almost straight road
      Don’t cut is don’t cut a corner because there’s shit in the way
      Acute corner is a 90° corner or something similar
      Hairpin is one of those 180° corners
      Jump is, jump
      Watersplash is a water obstacle you need to cross
      Deceptive means it’s a dirty corner and you need to be careful or you’ll go off the course
      Might be missing something

          • Losing tires is the absolutely worst mechanic in this game. Like ok I get it, when you lose a tire it’s gonna take you some time to repair but losing a fucking minute in a game is just game over. For the gameplay’s sake it should be maybe 10 seconds. And terminal damage should not disqualify you from the ENTIRE EVENT.

          • I don’t completely hate 45-90 seconds lost on a wheel/tire because I enjoy the game enough that coming in 10th or lower doesn’t eat me up too much but I agree about terminal damage nixing you entirely; I get the game is trying to give you consequence for racing too hard/recklessly but it’s a little much

          • If you think Dirt Rally 1/2 is punishing, RBRHU will just kick you in the ribs over and over. Dirt Rally is really forgiving with Terminal Damage compared to RBRHU. It’s pretty normal in RBRHU to see only 30% or less of the field making it to the end of the rally in RBRHU, mostly due how easy it is to instantly wreck the engine in RBRHU compared to the Dirt Rally games.

          • It is a little weird that you can kick the clutch and bounce off the red line pretty much non-stop with little to no consequence in DR for how plucky it can be about other things

      • A numeral of 100 refers to a strait away in meters
        >3 left long into 500 stay middle caution
        Would basically mean, power out of the corner, go WOT for ~500 meters, and be incredibly mindful of any roadside hazards.

      • there’s some rare things like ‘bad camber’ on particularly dangerous turns that have bad camber
        Also what do you guys play games with? My PS4 controller left analog shit itself and this controller was like 3-4 months old, fucking upsetting since my first and previous ps4 controller was from the first batch of controllers which I know were somewhat different and lasted years till the X button started getting stuck. So now I’m looking at xbox controllers as well to see if they’re better built

      • Crest means obstacle blocking your view. Into means that almost instantly after. So "Stay right on Crest into 6 left" is just that.

        Caution can mean a lot of things. Tight road, obstacles on the side of the road, danger of falling off a cliff etc.

  7. Anyone else doing daily missions on Dirt Rally 2.0? I usually hang around the bottom of the highest tier or near the top of the 2nd highest tier, but even that varies a lot. In Group B/rwd categories I seem to do better, but I always lose time in the 4WD categories. I dont have most of the engine upgrades and a lot of the cars feel sluggish without at least level 2 upgrade.

  8. Yesterday’s World Rally Championship round, this is Rally Spain the second to last of the season


    Italy is November

    • I started my career with the Group B 4wd cars. Now everything else feels like shit. I’m driving an event on R5, and sure, it is stable like hell on the corners and on the road, but nothing beats the launch and raw power of the Group B. They sound so good.

      Group B rwd on the otherhand, if its raining/ice/snow, I wont be getting anywhere.

  9. I wish you could make your own pacenotes. I must be driving like a retard, cause some 3 or 4 corners feel like 5-6, then some 5 corners are completely dogshit if you approach it a bit wrong.

  10. >Dont cut
    Bitch, I’ll cut just because you said that I shouldn’t.

    >Jump into a six right
    >Aight I’ll just go through the middle, with a little bit lean to the right
    >Fly straight into fucking piles of logs next to a finnish house

  11. >original dirt
    >had hill climb
    >had rally cross
    >had a bunch of different modes

    Did any of the other games ever add this shit back in? I fucking love the hill climbs.

    • Aren’t all the Dirt games apart from the two Dirt Rallys filled with that stuff? I remember hating the scrotelicious gymkhana shit that they tried to shove into the series for three games straight.

    • I had already driven few stages on Sweden and then tried out Monte Carlo… fuck man. Driving on snow is fine, but I have 0 grip on the ice. I’m literally driving sideways from corner to corner, just feathering the gas.


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