48 thoughts on “Friendly reminder that Bestbuy is locking all of their GPU and PS5 stock behind a $200 a year paywal…”

  1. >$200 a year paywall

    lol isn’t that what black criminals do anyway? $1000 down payment for a vehicle that they end up paying $20K-$40K for and the repo it because dumb black drug addicts can’t afford it.

  2. >1 year ago you could buy a 3080 for $700 if you just used any bot for like a week
    >1 year ago you could just buy a 3080 off a scalper for $850ish
    >1 year ago anyone scoffed at 3090 for gayming retards for paying double for 5-8% more performance
    >3090 were even easier to get because of the retarded markup

    >nowadays ribbitors post about their le epic 3080ti they got for what they could’ve bought a 3090 a year ago, without the LHR gimp
    >anons also post that shit as if they were genius customers
    PC gaming is doomed for the next 6 years at least.

    • >PC gaming is doomed for the next 6 years at least.
      nah, maybe just another 2.
      buttcoins are gonna get regulated soon and scare away the normalhomosexuals. Then AMD and Nvidia will have to go back to their usual markets.
      Plus PC gaming is a billion dollar industry that supports an umbrella of multi-million dollar industries. They’re not just gonna let those industries hang.

    • I’ve said this before when I picked up my 1080, but realistically what good titles are on the horizon? There’s Elden Ring and what? A bunch of shitty, unoptimized sequels and remakes?
      This gen will last because there won’t be anything worth upgrading to play.

  3. Reminder that if you live near or know where a cryptohomosexual lived, it is your moral obligation to kill them, take their cards, and redistribute them to people who actually need them, and want to use them to play VIDYA GAEM

  4. They should really list that as a benefit on the plan webpage. Not a "Oh by the way, you MIGHT also get priority queue for X product that we can’t keep in stock"

  5. honestly that’s not a bad deal if you actually want to get a GPU/PS5/XSX this year

    they’re scalped to hell and back and GPUs aren’t coming back from that anytime soon. The only problem is that you’re paying for a chance to get those items, you’re not guaranteed one.

      • This

        Once the war with China starts you will not be getting any new PC parts for a very long time

        Combined with inflation and shortages of all types

        If you think $3,500 for a RTX 3090 is bad now you don’t know how bad things can get.

        The end of America and Europe and white people is near.

        • >Once the war with China starts you will not be getting any new PC parts for a very long time
          If a war with China starts, I think not being able to play PC games will be the least of our worries.


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